Thursday, February 16, 2017

One Hour and Seventeen Minutes

For one hour and seventeen minutes today, The Bastard President showed the world that he is a lying, rambling, paranoid half-mad man-baby who could not handle the simplest questions from the press.

It just so happens that almost exactly seven years ago, President Barack Obama held an extended Q&A in front of a genuinely hostile audience:   The House Republicans at their retreat in Baltimore. "moderated" by Mike Pence.  It was a bravura performance.  Working without notes and armed only with -- gasp! -- facts, logic, good humor and a mastery of the issues, President Obama wiped the floor with them..

It was such a brutal and comprehensive smiting that Fox News cut away from it 20 minutes before it ended.

President Obama's opening comments lasted about 20 minutes.

And because the Maker of All Things loves a good joke, President Obama's Q&A lasted almost exactly one hour and seventeen minutes:

Once of the things that makes this such a remarkable historical document is how clearly it shows the fundamental depravity of the GOP long before Donald Trump showed up.  The GOP relied entirely on deliberate half-truths, outright lies and the many bullshit conspiracies that they had concocted and fed to their base to explain why they were so bad at their jobs because this noxious brew of fraud and fairy tales and fake patriotism had long ago become the everyday working vocabulary of the Republican Party.  And all President Obama had to do to utterly humiliate them on their own turf was to follow James Cagney's axiom of, "Plant your feet, and tell the truth."

See, Republicans are horrified by the unvarnished truth.  They cannot bear to have it anywhere near them.  So if any of you clever national media dogs ever really want to solve the mystery of the Rise of Donald Trump, you would do well to stop hunting down every rambling "economically insecure" mouthbreather in Sisterfuck, Arkansas and start noticing that the GOP has been a festering shitpile of liars, demagogues, con men and mouthbreather-pandering lunatics for a long, long time.  


bluicebank said...

All the comments on this entry are gone.

Glen Greenwald is onto to you, Drift, if that is even your real name.

Anyway, if ever it gets so bad, California holds the fort for the likes of you and Blue Gal.

Better wait until Spring, tho.

trgahan said...

"Republicans are horrified by the unvarnished truth."

Last night, my own state's Republican Party head recommended cancelation of all recess town halls, which hadn't been scheduled in the first place, because the people who show up are violent.

I don't remember AR-15 strapped Tea Party members rallying at townhalls receiving the same treatment.

Batman 54 said...

Republicans never change. Same old bull shit. (We have a plan twice as good that won't cost anything.) FDR ripped them apart in 1936. He did it in less than 2 minutes.

Randle Aubrey said...

What he said. We got you, fam. <3

jim said...


Geek Doctrine: when in doubt, orally decapitate more chickens.