Thursday, February 02, 2017

Matthew Dowd Remains a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Yesterday you may recall that just yesterday, ABC News' Chief Political Analyst, Matthew Dowd, took to Twitter to berate leaders of the Democratic Party on Twitter for standing strong against The Bastard President:

But today -- less than 24 hours later -- the same Matthew Dowd could be found back on on Twitter berating the leaders of the Republican Party for not standing up to The Bastard President

FYI, Mr. Dowd is currently trial-ballooning the idea of running for the Senate in Texas against Ted Cruz by 1) appropriating pretty much the entire Democratic Party platform as his policy portfolio while, 2) running as an "independent" because K'rupt Duopoly! As a part of beta testing what would surely be a most entertaining debacle if it ever gets off the ground, Mr. Dowd is now selling "Country Over Party" merch, because "I Am A Psychologically Malfunctioning Person With Many Silly Opinions Who Does Not Understand Anything About How Politics Or Human Nature Or America Actually Works" was too hard to silk-screen onto a tee-shirt.


dinthebeast said...

So Ted Cruz gets an easy ride in again? Or will there be a Republican to give him a hard time? Texas Schmexas.

-Doug in Oakland

June Butler said...

Any day now, we'll hear that an intervention is scheduled, right? Mitch? Paul? Bueller?

Robt said...

And as reported, The Pussy the religious pussy grabbing oligarch that knows more than the generals. At least knows more about pussy grabbing than the Generals.

"Turns off recorder while on phone with Putin".

Kind of makes you want to take your shit off and climb on a horse for a pose.

Doesn't it?

Robt said...

Add on,

Does Dowd think that republicans will investigate the Americans killed in Yemen ?

Didn't trump send these guys to their death and didn't do nothing to help them?

I mean, Benghazi..................................was given ovre to the Cancer research society who are still looking for traces of cancer in the victims.