Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Matthew Dowd Remains a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

To be clear, ABC's chief political analyst is insisting that the only way for Democrats to be fair and leaderish is for them to deliberate handicap themselves and operate under a wholly different set of rules than Republicans -- rules which Republicans invented out of thin air for the most despicable and racist of motives, and for which their base and the media richly rewarded them.

Does this mean that is the Democrats keep giving their lunch money to the bully and keep getting the shit kicked out of them anyway Mr. Dowd will suddenly come to their aid?

Of course not! Because he's an "independent" and no matter what Democrats say or do -- no matter the external realities -- they're one half of the K'rupt Duopoly!


drbopperthp said...

trgahan said...

Yet every day I am reminded of what Mr. Dowd's job ACTUALLY is, no matter how ridiculously stupid he sounds to anyone paying attention, when I participate/overhear white, mostly male, firmly middle/upper middle class working professionals conversing about politics.

They all sound like mix of Dowd's tweets, Brook's moralizing laminations, and Friedman's "It's all the internet and China!"

I feel it is all a smoke screen to allow conservatives to hid in mixed company without having to own their party and let smart people who know better justify their selfishness and never acknowledge the privileged position they have in being able to deny political reality because, in the end, America society is largely designed to put their security and comfort first.

drbopperthp said...

trgahan - Dear Sir : Hear, Hear!!!!

proverbialleadballoon said...

Who's Dowd think he's fooling? It would be interesting to see what he said about the Republicans failing to hold a hearing for Garland, 9 months ago. Then again, who gives a shit, he's a shill. Stolen Supreme Court seat, no nomination hearings for a two-term, sitting president's pick, republicans quoted saying they wouldn't hold a hearing for Clinton's nomination when she won, but now, now that it is the other way around, everybody should play fair.

Democrats have to filibuster Gorsuch. The Left is energized right now, alarmed in response to Trump's terrifyingly zany week and a half. Democrats have to signal that they will fight; fight Trump, fight the fascist propagandist Bannon, and fight the Fucking Republicans, those craven fucking bastards.

Do you go on reddit? The place is very jazzed against Trump right now. The Democrats have to stand against Trump, strike while the iron is hot. Schumer, get your caucus together, call a spade a spade, this is a Stolen Supreme Court seat; filibuster Gorsuch and have a Jefferson Smith spectacle. Even if it fails, this is a protest that must be duly noted, like an asterix in the history books; and the Left is up in arms right now, ready to go, and needing a focus point.

One of several focus points, as it is turning out; this shit is happening fast and furious. But the big fucking thing needs to be done by the Democrats, stand up and show some spine. A big gesture has to be performed, even if it's symbolic in the end. This motherfucker managed to turn the United States of America half-way to a fascist dictatorship in a week. What the fuck is everybody waiting around for?

Everything right now relies on the Republican Party to act like human beings, and stop this man. These craven motherfuckers are going to let it happen, most of this is what they want anyway. And since we can't rely on that, the Left has to Come Together and Unite and Kick these fascist motherfuckers' asses. Filibuster Gorsuch.

ervin williams said...

From your nieghbour to the north,how did you people get so fucked up? Especialy the justice department.Aren't judges suppose to be impartial in their interpretation of the law?

RUKidding said...

I'm totally unsurprised that the Republicans - after 8 fricking years of stated observable useless obstruction solely for the sake of being obstructionist assholes - are now saying: well you Dumbocraps had better just toe the line, go along to get along, and don't be obstructionist. Nope. Not surprised. This is the Republican default: IOKIYAR, but it's never OK when you're a Dumbocrap. Only what the rightwing does is correct, good, and what is needed. Anything the Ds do is wrong and must be prohibited.

If the D party pols don't step up to this and become obstructionist, themselves, then we might as well look elsewhere for leadership. Seriously. If they can't be bothered to put up a fight, then why should I vote for them??

Yes Dowd is an amoral grifting shill liar. That's what's he's highly compensated to be/do. That will never change.

Watch what the D pols DO. Push them to represent us, not the Oligarchs.

StaggerLee said...

Of course Dowd is "independent" and I am the Czar of all the Russias (HT/C Pierce).

Rusty White said...

Gut check time for Senate Dems. Do they actually filibuster the SC nom as the progressive base is suggesting or merely threaten to do so, opting later to take the high road and vote as Sen. Durbin has suggested, thus not angering their corporate masters?

Don the Con has suggested going nuclear and of course like W, he couldn't even pronounce the word correctly. McConnell is already boasting to toadies like Hugh Hewitt that Dems will back down.

That sounds like a challenge to call his bluff. Rules under republican leadership (lol) be damned. Hopefully Schumer and the other Senate Dems will find their spine.

jim said...

Matthew Dowd circa 1944:

"The level of hypocrisy out of Eisenhower these days is staggering. Allies complained about Nazis bombing cities, now doing it.Nazis bombed, now complaining. Wow"

Benjamin Feddersen said...

What the Beltway dunces want you to forget is that in an iterated prisoners dilemma game, where betrayal pays off but cooperation is the optimal outcome, a tit-for-tat approach is actually the OPTIMAL STRATEGY. Call it an eye for an eye or call it a taste of your own medicine, but it's the only strategy the Dems can or should be pursuing. So I'm CERTAIN that we will see them fold like a wet paper towel any second now.

Unknown said...

Laws and such come secondary to politeness and public relations and the illusion that we are a united country of reasonable sane adversaries. If we didn't pardon Nixon, that would mean that there is something fundamentally wrong with the US. Can't have that. So the people desperate to maintain the illusion of sanity and congeniality are enabling and covering for the slavering sociopaths in our government. We allow Clinton to be impeached for a blow job, but we can't impeach W for war crimes. Hillary is crucified for no evidence, and Trump is given a free ride for bribing Biondi

It all stems from the threat of publicizing the truth-we are fundamentally broken as a nation, and the conservatives like it that way.

Liberals say we can all come together. It's not true. Conservatives don't want unity. They want dominion.