Thursday, February 16, 2017

Always Six Laps Ahead Of The Professional Pundits

From ABC News' chief political consultant today:

From your humble scrivener, 1,000 years ago in October:
They Were All Against Me

They fought me at every turn.
Ah, but the birth certificate, that's, that's where I had them! 
They laughed at me and made jokes, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, with geometric logic, that Barack Obama was a Kenyan Commie Sleeper Cell Usurper, and I'd have produced that evidence if they hadn't all conspired against me. 
I, I know now the Liberal media was only trying to protect their traitorous RINO friends...
Today was the day when the Republican party's nominee for president declared open war on the leadership of the Republican party for finally daring to timidly whisper about various, glaringly observable realities (h/t @Billmon).

So they've got that going for them...

I though about titling this post "Captain Queef", but of course that would have been wrong.

So very, very wrong.

Not enough popcorn on Orville Redenbacher's entire home planet...


bluicebank said...

It's always about the stolen strawberries. ALWAYS.

Next movie for you (book is way better): "Mister Roberts." Because fulminate of mercury.

Dave McCarthy said...

only SIX laps?

You're being far too modest!

Robt said...

Sure, the "so called Judges" are undermining him. Flynn had to go because of some liberal conspiracy. All my cabinet nominees could be in prison if the courts weren't able to be paid off. So what if Putin helped me win election and is going to get something in return, if Putin talks nicely about me and strokes my ego in public. It only reflects on my private business earnings with ?Russia. having to answer questions for inferior losers like the crooked lying press (excluding the INFOWars story that children of Sandy Hook was a false flag operation and should be looked into ,by someone.

What about poor Donald? He is treated so unfairly. He would never treat anyone like that.
Why can't Americans worship his brilliance and superiority?

Grover Norquist wanted a person to sit in the Oval Office and appear as a figure head.
With five working digits to sign what ever he and the wealthy who can buy what they want. From the Congress they hand selected to sell off our government.
So TRump has who says he has "words, great words" also has 5 functioning digits on his hand.
have reservations of what I say?
My evidence (my proof) is clear in the Executive Orders he has the best people write. So he doesn't have to read them. So he just puts his 5 hand digits to work.
Because a president with his phone and a pen, according to the president himself, is such a loser.

The underlying danger is the position of the GOP majorities in congress who smell the weakness of their president and scheme to deploy their big donors desires. To ramrod their own GOP agenda up to the Donald's desk. An agenda they did not campaign on but never the less think the time is right to do what they want with 5 functioning digits awaiting their hear big donors hearts desires.
Even though Trump made claims he would not touch Medicare etc. GOP congress knows he won't read a bill. They can tell him of how it will improve things and how great it will make him. And he will sign. Any criticism of what he signed will be those liberal detractors that simply treat him unfairly.
So while everyone focuses on Trump (just like the campaign) the GOP congress grabs hold of the back of your leg, burrows its head into your skin and begins gorging itself as its body expands beyond it's normal size.

There are many entomology facts that show the GOP evolved from the vector insect world.