Friday, February 17, 2017

"...Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic..." is the Oath They Pretended to Swear... the Almighty God they pretend to believe in.  


banker puppy said...

When compassion and empathy aren't present, but authoritarianism and arrogance are, generosity is extended only to one's 'tribe.' Everyone else is a means to an end.

Ian said...

I find it amazing that Paul Ryan seems to not remember dear leader's threat to primary him out of his seat. It is only to grasp at straws to hope Ryan remembers this, as eventually we hope Ted Cruz, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, and Marco Rubio also remember less than one year ago.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I think they do believe in God, as long as He remembers them in His prayers. said...

They have a very strange dark heretical Christianity, where Christ died for those defined as "White" in American culture & that being rich means you are God's special snowflake.

Jimbo said...

It's been a very long time since the GOP Congress took their oath of office seriously if we define that oath to cover all Americans. Their "America" includes the wealthy, large corporations and the racist knuckle draggers that comprise their base. They don't care about that because they know that the electoral system has almost completely removed any meaningful accountability. But, this does not bode well for the continued existence of the "United" States. And our foreign and domestic enemies are very much aware of that.

Robt said...

Hey, All true republicans know starting from birth. When their parents put the AM radio (set on Rush) next to the crib and leave it on.

They may not understand nor approve of their 6 year old puffing cigars, grabbing the Oxy from the med cabinet. or snagging some of Dad's viagra.

But they are pleased the child shows signs of awesome conservatism.

Because all republicans know from birth, that Jesus is a conservative.

Is there any better proof that Jesus''s "Prosperity Gospel"?

For Jesus told the money changes in the temple of this word. That he would bless those who coveted conservatism loyalty.

Like all those blessed with the prosperity Gospel who feel they are left out of the economy and turn to the mney changes of those same temples Jesus lectured. To make them a long lost Koch Brother family member or to give unto thee the opportunity to marry a Trump or wed into the Devos clan.

Because only sinners cannot prosper.

Today's sermon brought to you by our sponsor, the Heritage Foundation and all its donors.
Stay tuned , the sermon is about to change any time now. So follow blindly.

Robt said...

Let us have some clarity......

"Against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Who you are. If you are owned and become subservient to that masster.

If you are of a religious belief or a political ideology first. Any Oath you take thereafter is secondary to that original nucleus..

As depicted here, foreign and domestic enemies can be anyone for any reason to them.
Welcome to the fascist Oligarchy. You are not invited into the club. Your participation and role in it is required. You are now a resource if it be "Soylent Green". The Oligarchs will define an orderly function for you.

But in nature,
Even a mouse finds it's way to break free of the eagles talons.

Sort of like in Jurassic Park movie when it was said,
"Life will find a way".

The advantage is the Oligarchs and their legions. who deny nature and sscience shall be at the disadvantage.