Friday, January 20, 2017

Tom Waits Friday: Hold On

Good advice for a bad day:
Oh, you build it up, you wreck it down
Then you burn your mansion to the ground
Oh, there's nothing left to keep you here
But when you're falling behind in this big blue world
Oh, you've got to hold on, hold on
Babe, you gotta hold on
Take my hand, I'm standing right here, you gotta hold on


Anonymous said...

Good post.

Robt said...

There was this old V-8 Juice commercial. Where A person is handed a V* juice after he drank something else. He is holding the V8 in one hand and with the other (free hand), he hits himself in the forehead and exclaims, "I could have had a V8".

As I humbly stand with John Lewis particularly today.

I already see many Trump voters hitting themselves in the forehead, and moaning, "They could have had a Hillary Clinton.

There again going back a bit further,
There were many that hit themselves in the forehead that "we could have had a Bernie Sanders".

What the GOP considers the patriotism of not providing the Putin connections and communications to the American voters during the election but for the FBI to publically blather they think they might have heard of maybe sort of possible emails of someone who worked for HRC. someone who's husband is being investigated has a laptop and most likely has emails. That you never know, there might be the possibility of an email that could be extremely taken out of context or used to invoke a false narrative damaging to one of the presidential candidates.
But when it comes to real actual proven communications and connections and influence from Russia's Putin. Well, that is freedom of speech and we do not comment on ongoing investigations.
----Unless, we do.

plagiarizing the V8 commercial and running it against all the Trumper plagiarizers (fighting plager with plager) works for me.

Watching the gravity of reality have its natural effect on Trump's favorability numbers. is the equality of natural physics as gravity's force on any emerging Turd.