Monday, January 02, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: Matthew Dowd

I knew we'd wear the corners off this graphic in the new year...

Yeah. it's been kind of Dowd-heavy today, but the reason will become apparent in a minute. 

You see, having spent most of this first working day of 2017 publicly shitting the bed, getting basic American political history completely wrong, refusing to take any ownership for his own breathtaking stupid (and pretty fucking racist) claptrap and being kicked thoroughly around the Twitter block, ABC's chief political analyst proved once again what a disgracefully gutless man-baby he is by trying to "Both Sides" the whole shabby mess away:
Well that was sadly predictable.

In fact, I predicted it about 20 minutes before he did it.  Because, yeah, I am just that good.

Honestly, if this pathetic fraction of a man weren't the chief political analyst for one of America's three major teevee networks, I'd let it slide.

But he is. So I won't.


Phil Perspective said...

What's sad is that liberals RT that loser thinking he's a member of "The Resistance.' What ever that is. Dowd is no more a member of the anti-Trump group than I am a professional football(aka soccer) player. The only reason Dowd is anti-Trump is because of his undying fealty to the Bush clan.

Dave McCarthy said...

"Because, yeah, I am just that good."

heh heh heh...Yes, yes you ARE!

banker puppy said...

Meanwhile, Illinois' stopgap 'budget' lapsed with 2016. Although a lot of state spending's now mandated by court order, there isn't enough money flowing in to pay for everything. The backlog of unpaid bills is now over $11 billion.

Higher education, the homeless, runaways, battered women, and seniors are especially hard hit.

This is what the GOP wants to do nationwide. Would it be so hard to pull yourself away from Matthew Dowd for a half-hour and write about the real people in your town who hit by this and/or are fighting back?

Rusty White said...

Pups, while what you mention is noteworthy, DG going after overrated, hypocritical frauds like Dowd highlight how worthless our media and its "journalists" really are.

By doing so, hopefully it shines a light on how they have all abdicated their responsibility to report what's really going on like the situations you mention instead of them ignoring those acts that ultimately result from the crazy, sociopathic, greedy nature of the modern republican party by normalizing it with the false equivalence of "both sides".

Again, like has been mentioned to some other newbies here, read some older posts and esp. listen to the podcasts. Both DG and BG are acutely aware of the tragedies happening locally as well as nationally.

banker puppy said...

Rusty, there are lots of overrated hypocritical frauds like Dowd in the world. Most of them are bit players in someone else's game. They abdicated their responsibility because it pays well. They scream 'both sides' because that's the script they've been given to read. We all get that.

btw, I am not a newbie. I have been encouraging DG to consider broadening his scope for quite some time. Interestingly, sometimes when I nudge him, he and/or BG mention Guv. Bruce in a podcast. I hope that occurs again this week.

Rusty White said...

BP, Ok. point taken. Sorry, but my thoughts carried over from an earlier post of DG's where someone was callously suggesting that DG doesn't work hard enough at finding a better FT job. Haven't seen you post in a while.

BTW, Given the situation that you just described, would now be a good time to relocate to Chicago?

banker puppy said...

Rusty, relocating is complicated. Lots of factors to consider, everyone has different needs and priorities.

Donna said...

"When I agree with Dems that setting kittens on fire for no reason is wrong, D partisans love, R partisans hate. When I agree with Rs that gov't spending to treat children with cancer is wrong, R partisans love and Ds hate. Both sides! I'll take my Pulitzer now, thx."