Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Real Death Panel Shows Itself

The calls were always coming from inside the House.

And the Senate.

From Brother Charlie Pierce:
30 Million People Lost Their Healthcare in the Dead of Night
In November, 63 million of my neighbors deliberately and with malice in their hearts conspired to take my kid's health care away.

And I will never, ever forgive them for that.


Jimbo said...

I think it's going to take a long time to see change. Left and Right Coasts will vote for change and will continue to develop constructive programs. And some spaces in "flyover" country will too but the hate, paranoia and the overall negativity in most of the heartland will last years, I'm afraid.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Made this a while back for times like today...

Be seeing you.

e.a.f. said...

those that loose their health insurance might want to get politically active within their states, and ensure their states provide health care. there is no reason why that can not be done, beyond a lack of political will.

Americans have a weird attitude towards health care. Its simply a business to many and if you can't afford it, they tend to take the attitude that, that is too bad. They don't seem to realise that in the end the country pays, one way or another. when people die because of a lack of medical care, the U.S.A is just another 3rd world country. its hard to figure out how some of the Republicans who profess to be Christians figure its O.K. to let their neighbours die.

bowtiejack said...

Here's an excellent explanation of the GOP's real reason for repealing Obamacare: super tax cuts for the super rich!
This is a lecture by Professor Richard Wolff. The Obamacare explanation is about 10 minutes in.
He posts one of his lectures each month on Youtube.
Highly recommended.

One Fly said...

The word hate is one that can easily roll off ones tongue and often at times.

Easy to say but I realize whatever reasons thought to be for the use of that word was not quite correct much of the time. It's fair to say there will always be hate for the treasonous bush bastards concerning Iraq.

This is different and possibly even more evil. Agree there will never be forgiveness!

I hate these people and mean it. That is not me and it sucks to have to say that.

67 in Mar. Seen my share and don't have the words to describe what I think about the state of our country and the people in it.

trgahan said...

Well, it was a "change vote" (that interestingly didn't change much below the top of the ticket) by "economically anxious working class whites abandoned by aloof corporate Democrats forever ago" (and that is the current intellectual analysis of 2016)

So here is the first change. When the consequences set in, a large percentage 63 million people will response by voting in MORE Republicans....

freshsideofhell said...

My motto for the next two years and beyond is ...Don't blame me I didn't vote for them.And I'm the wild eyed crazy one.My better half says msnbc is radical. I don't even begin to understand that.Msnbc is fox light...I just shake my head.Keep up the good work and thank you.

dinthebeast said...

OK, so I stole this and posted it elsewhere, with attribution, of course.
Lord did I ever want to slap that shitty grin off of McConnell's mug after the vote was over.
What a prick.

-Doug in Oakland

John Taylor said...

A lot of Republicans will lose their healthcare and somehow blame Obama and the Democrats. It won't matter how much the Republicans screw the pooch.

RUKidding said...

The GOP had 7 frickin years to come up with an alternative to ACA. Now that the GOP is the dog that caught the car, whadda they got to replace ACA?? That's right: nada zip zilch zero a big fat nothing.

I'm not the biggest fan of ACA but I get that some 20 to 30 million benefit from it & will be in serious trouble if nothing replaces it. Many in this category are Trump voters who shrieked with joy about repealing ACA bc it meant sticking it to Obama & horrible libruls. Hope they're happy now. Hope when they or their kids get sick or hurt that their glee at fucking over libruls helps them get well. They're gonna need it to do that cuz I sure wouldn't count on Trump & the GOP to help them out.

Rusty White said...

Given the ignorance and gullibility of the pig people, my fear is that once they or their family members lose HC and a unspeakable tragedy unfortunately befalls on them, they may decide to take "second amendment remedies" not on those politicians responsible for repealing ACA, but innocent bystanders that Derp F├╝ehrer tweets are the real domestic terrorists aka libruls.

VonWenk said...

I reject the notion that I have to be understanding of or reach out to the people who voted for Trump or, frankly, people who voted Republican the last 13 years. The people who are arguing that are probably the same people who've been saying purging your party of people who don't tow the party line is no way to run a party and that the Republican Party is on its way to becoming a regional party. Either they didn't know what they were talking about or they were part of the con that got Trump elected.

If I lose my health insurance, I hope to get a little satisfaction from the death and suffering of those people whose vote allowed this to happen (innocent bystander notwithstanding).