Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Bastard President's Inaugural Address: Third Draft

...Let the word go forth from this time and place, to millionaire and billionaire alike, that the torch has been passed back to an older generation of Americans -- born privileged, brainwashed by Fox, bitter, peevish and bigoted, ignorant as fuck and proud of it -- and unwilling to witness or permit the continued spread of tolerance and human rights which has recently made our nation double-plus-ungreat, and committed today to kleptocracy at home and chaos around the world.

Let every corporation know, whether banking or petroleum, that I shall make the chumps that elected me pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any crony, oppose any fucking do-gooder to assure maximum profits for us all...


Robt said...

I am relying on and expecting the Professional Left to watch this.

---So I do not have to..........! Do your job.!

I think it would be worth some video review if someone that goes to republican functions and ask all those libtardal questions. Like, How do other than white Americans fit in with the supremacist agenda? How avidly do you follow Trump's tweetie" As long as Putin likes Trump, whatever happens from there is Okay? What is Trump's new better improved health care plan and what will it be called?

Like Cheney, Romney and Trump had better things to do when drafted to defend our country in Vietnam and used their positions of wealth to earn the "Nobel Deferment Prize for Promised Future Heroics (multi deferments). How they all end up with a burning desire to play Commander in Chief.
How much greater is America for affording deferments to these wonderfully special individuals?

Yardley said...

You ought to check this out - Putins strategy has worked flawlessly.