Saturday, January 07, 2017

Comrade President-Elect Understands The Cybers Better Than The Cyber Dudes Do


banker puppy said...

To which VP Joe says "Grow up."


Robt said...

If Donald knows more than the generals. It is only natural for him to know more than the Intelligence community, right?

Don't understand why Trump selected generals to his cabinet with his Kahn-istic superior intellect. He must be selecting his nominees of little credibility to boost his stature by lowering theirs. Perhaps hiring rich flunkies because he knows better anyways.

ONASA we have a problem...!
It is right here on Earth and I do not have confidence you can solve it.

You do know when Trump posts tweet with pasted pic. He has someone paste the pic for him, right. In his world, if you can tweet your automatically a nobel Geek recipient.

Don't fret anymore, Megyn Kelly will clear it all up at the MSNBC. As she announces to all the kiddies watching her on the GOX that, "Santa is white and always been white".
Now doesn't a White Santa ease any reservations you might have of the mentally ill rich vindictive Putin Puppet clown with nuclear codes in his hanky pocket?

bowtiejack said...

All hail our first teenage president!

bluicebank said...

Good point, bowtie. US Constitution says 35 years or older. Need to see birth certificate.

banker puppy said...

CNN sez Monica Crowley, a DJT nominee to a top communications job, plagiarized.

"The review of Crowley’s June 2012 book, "What The (Bleep) Just Happened," found upwards of 50 examples of plagiarism from numerous sources, including the copying with minor changes of news articles, other columnists, think tanks, and Wikipedia."

Fail again, Mr. PEOTUS.

Lawrence said...

You all catch the story about 50 potential illegitimate Republican electoral college members?

bowtiejack said...

It's interesting that the response to both the Russian hacking and Monica Crowley's plagiarism is that bringing such stuff up is "politically motivated" "witch hunts". Well, sweetheart, not if there's actually a witch.

Trump's mentor Roy Cohn was the one who taught him to always go on the attack.
It won't take long for people to realize that like the bull in a bullring he can be goaded just by waving the right cape.
Will such a strategy, which he's used to good effect to cheat his vendors and contractors all his life, work at the presidential level?

Jimbo said...

Bowtiejack: Yep, everybody's begun to realize he's a 70 year-old raging narcissist with a serious sensitivity to any criticism, which is absolutely disastrous for the highly exposed position of President but especially one who is so manifestly unqualified and unsuited to the position. I still don't think he will last a year. Drifty has nailed him as the US Mussolini for well over year. We're in a seriously vulnerable period with the transition after 1/20 because Pence is pretty stupid and the GOP Congress is focused on how quickly they can destroy the US economy and social safety net. Dangerous times.

Karen Rea said...

I object to that picture. The cyber is a series of tubes!!

Don P said...

It was Baron Trump all along that hacked the DNC, he's so good with teh cyber.