Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Matthew Dowd Continues to Be a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Better pray that a merciful God will permit history to forget you completely Mr. Dowd.


Rusty White said...

So this whiny, hypocritical, pompous asshole thinks he will be a '21st century principled founding father'? Sounds like Matt has been spending time with David Brooks and is beginning to have delusions of grandeur.

Dowd is more or less the willing assistant to an ass kissing jester in a corrupt court of kleptocrats. If anything, he will be an asterisk, a footnote of how a group of wanna-be 'journalists' played a part in the downfall of the american experiment due to their insistence upon reporting 'both siderist' propaganda.

bowtiejack said...


Robt said...

Don't all of you recall Dowd making these same arguments of putting partisanship behind them During Obama Adm?

I think it would be an educational experience if Dowd interned at Breitbart or Alex Jones. hang with his beloved base. Who when they get a flat tire on the road as they tailgated a pickup dropping nails all over in front of them.
Blame that Liberal obama and those liberals in general.
Dowd needs to speak out on his hating despising conservative media and its rabies mouth foaming rampaging of lies. Or in Dowd's world of vocabulary, Alternative facts.

Dowd can use some conservative base lessons in stuffing strawmen into liberal scarecrows.

ziply said...

Unbelievable. A fatuous shitsmear on America's behind.

dinthebeast said...

Well, leaving aside any replacing-Ted-Cruz aspirations (perhaps a worthwhile endeavor for someone who could, you know, actually do the job) I guess I'll just quote Pete Townshend:

Let's forget you better still

-Doug in Oakland

jim said...

Heads up to Democrats & media: The Kremlin did a lot less to elect Trump than OCEAN did.

Vote suppression plus psychometrics is a brutal combination.
Learn how to counteract it or expect to keep losing elections.

Davis Statton said...

My jersey says Democrat. It's the best way, the only way, really, of opposing the horrors of Republican rule.

keith gargus said...

Trump sized ego on that Shitgibbon.