Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kansas Makes It to the Semi-Finals of the National Embarrassment Contest in Two Categories

Hate-drunk elected halfwits* and crackpot Conservative economic experiments run amok.

*Huelskamp lost his seat in the last cycle when the last of the federal-farm-subsidy-lovin', Bob Dole-era Kansas Republicans rallied themselves to primary his ass back into the midden pile out of which he rose.


wibble said...

...the only problem is, the idiot they (we? I didn't vote for his ass...) replaced him with isn't much better, if any - he just hasn't managed to stick both feet in his mouth in range if a mic...

Robt said...

Like Daddy Koch bucks always tells their purchased children in
congress. Always wash your feet, keep them clean and always wear a clean pair of socks because,
You never know when your foot ends up in your mouth in public.