Sunday, January 08, 2017

DNC Taps Fundamentally Ridiculous Person To Moderate Party Debate

From here:

The Democratic National Committee Announces Moderators, Additional Details for DNC Future Forum Series

DNC Announces Moderators, Additional Details for DNC Future Forum Series

WASHINGTON – Today, the Democratic National Committee announced moderators for the DNC’s Future Forum series, which will feature candidates for DNC Chair and other DNC offices.

• The first DNC Future Forum, which will take place in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, January 14 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, will be moderated by Jon Ralston of the Nevada Independent.
• The second DNC Future Forum, which will take place in Houston, Texas, on Saturday, January 28 at Texas Southern University Sawyer Auditorium will be moderated by Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune.
• The third DNC Future Forum, which will take place in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday, February 4 at Wayne State University Community Arts Auditorium, will be moderated by Ron Fournier of Crain’s Detroit Business.
• The fourth DNC Future Forum, which will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, on Saturday, February 11 at the Baltimore Convention Center, will be moderated by April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks.

Yes, Ron Fournier who has a long and shameful history of just making shit up about Democrats so he can continue to burnish his Beltway Dung Beetle cred by puling about the wretchedness of Both Sides has been tapped by someone at the DNC to help them rebuild their party.

And I'm pretty sure it'll go a little something like this...


Ferg said...

This is why many of us feel Zach was right and ALL of these incompetents and pretenders (Brazile in his case) have to be forced out to make way for those of us who want the party to move forward.

We also want representatives who will fight and resist at every opportunity. Not weakly attend the presidential inauguration which confirms every negative stereotype everyone who didn't vote for her already believed about her.

Only by getting rid of these centrists can we move forward.

But too often those of us who want to see progressive action are labeled Bernie bros regardless of gender, sexuality, or race.

Defense of any of these useless centrists just allows the mainstream media and the DNC to push more but different centrists.

Robt said...

In today's lexicon,
Centrist takes Joe Lieberman and mantles it as the exact example.

Centrism is a conservative Democratic politician.

Why do you think the GOP did all the purging to replace with ideological zealots?
Allows for projecting how liberal the Dems are. Breathing room for "Moderates" to be moderate toward the GOP that never moderates. See, the right was right when they get Dem moderates to vote with them. But the Dem moderating vote to go along with GOP. Well, it becomes a hangman's noose at election time and GOP uses it for excuse of their failed ideological throat ramming. Instead of the devil made me do it. Those wascally dems were involved.

Moderating is not a failed character flaw of Democratic liberals. The republicans brain wash and exploit it to be.

This is why closed mindedness is so rampant in the GOP.

ohsopolite said...

The Democratic Party leadership's ongoing commitment to its own extinction continues to be most impressive.

RUKidding said...

This is reason Number 6428 why I hate the Democratic party.

Michael Sweeney said...

Explain to me again why there are FFS *debates* for chair of DNC?