Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dates? What Do They Mean?

Today the Bastard President proudly Tweeted out this crappy panorama  photo of his inauguration that just happens to truncate at the point where his tiny, tiny crowd started to thin out:

Also the date is wrong, because really, who cares about little details like that?

This will be the second hilarious public fuck-up that The Bastard President has posted to the press hall in less than a week.

Here's the first one --

 -- so you'll probably want to get a screen shot of this now before it's Spicered down the memory hole.


proverbialleadballoon said...

Spicer, verb; to bludgeon the truth over its head, like one would club a baby seal. When caught Spicering, blame the baby seal and Spicer faster.

Robt said...

Actually Trump would have had the greatest inaugural day paid crowd if it wasn't for Obama allowing them damn clowns the freedom to refuse their invitation.
So I, the great, wise and wonderful (did I mention great) Trump will now pick up my "Pen and a Phone".
Using this fantastic China made writing pen that you can't find made in America no more because of unions. I use this pen to gloriously sign a Presidential Executive Decree Order. That all photos be withheld from the public.
And now I pick up my phone and tweet out my excellent presidential executive order for all to applaud my great decidery skills on display.

I would bet there is video of Trump criticizing Obama over " a pen and a phone", as were every GOP hackneyed pretzel twister.

bluicebank said...

You all realize that we're about to see Jan.21 crowd shots from the Women's March posted as from der Trump inauguration, right? This was the first shot across the bow. lol

Hubert Vale said...

Calendars - how do they work?

Dog Faced Herman said...

They must be using the Alt-Date calender, or what Pol Pot called, 'Year Zero'.

Professor Eldritch said...

What's the over/under on the amount of time it will take for this ten-penny carny to post a picture of one of the protests marches labeled as "Post-Inauguration Celebrations"?

MPG said...

The icing on the cake is the use of Brush Script MT, an overused default Windows font barely a notch below Comic Sans in the didn't-giva-a-shit stakes. It's the font chosen by talentless people when they can't be bothered to scroll down the list further than the "B"s. Is there anyone this crew of dunderheads associates with who isn't utterly artless, tasteless and hollow?