Monday, January 23, 2017

Comedy Gold From Susan #NeverHillary Sarandon

Comedy.  Gold.

50 years ago George C. Scott was handing out free lessons on the inner workings of the Stein Party.

Too bad she didn't pay attention.


D. said...

Not. Touching. That.

(Seriously, what was she thinking? That the Perfect Candidate would appear and snatch the victory from Trump?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Driftglass for your work on the blog and podcast.

Robt said...

When Bernie was in the hunt it was fine to make the case for your candidate.

Once it was done and the choice was the DJT or HRC. this was the choice.

From the back seat of the DeLorean HRC made the choice for VP Kaine, where the strongest team would have been Sanders on the ticket.

Bernie would have strengthened the ticket as a spokes person and his influence to the presidency. But none of that was the offered. Why the top Democratic party people became so complacent is beyond me. Democratic voters heard Trump sucking air more than HRC' and had complacency at their feet.

Enough siad.
It would have been decent of Susan to look at her two choices and support one.
Where Susan is financially, she will be able to weather the Fascism or flee it easily where many cannot.
Susan or any others as her have some interesting outlooks and some in common with me. I just do not vote on how the Susan's promote. I have my own criteria and evaluate into my decision .
Susan provided ammo to the GOP. Susan could have spoke out against many of the GOP Congress Critters but she didn't go that deep. It is her vote and using it to undermine her ultimate opposition for president (Trump). She is financially immune to much of what is to come.
She was great for Bernie, at a time I too was for Bernie. Things changed.
The timidness of the Democratic party to cower before the GOP over Bernie being attacked as a COMMIE Socialist was pathetic.
I saw the same lack of commitment from the Democratic party overall in the campaign.
Their should have been a slugfest over the basket of deplorables and HRC back peddle on it.
Where Trump proclaimed ALL Muslims, all Mexicans, erc the press jump HRC over "how can you say baskets of deplorables of every white supremacist supporting Trump". HRC, Well I should not have said that so generalizing". As if that was going to bring over a Paul Ryan voter over to her.........
There is a lot that happened.
This is only a teeny part.

Marc McKenzie said..., in other words....what you've just blabbed out is, "Well, you all didn't genuflect at the altar of St. Bernie, so f**k all of you". Thanks for that.

Thanks for also ignoring the Press Corps' War on Clinton. I'm guessing you also ignored the War on Gore in 2000.

What Driftglass said about Sarandon still counts--she NEVER called out Trump, just pulled the "Hillary is worse!" sh*t that Stein babbled out, and now pulls this amnesia bulls**t. Then again, she pulled the same thing in 2000--just substitute Nader for Stein.

Agree with you on the fact that financially, she's going to be just fine while the country gets sodomized.

Buttermilk Sky said...

That's Susan's ex-husband Chris Sarandon playing Scott's shill. Eerie....