Friday, November 18, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: David Brooks

(Video is Not Safe for Work)

While a fascist slouches towards our nation's capitol, his hour come round at last, to be inaugurated as the 45th president of the Land of the Free, in the pulpit of the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism, nothing changes.

Because now that our corporate media has accepted "Both Sides Do It" as the literal and inerrant word of God, why would anything ever change?

From Mr. David Brooks in The New York Times (emphasis added):
Bigots turn multidimensional human beings into one-dimensional creatures. Anti-Semites define Jewishness in a certain crude miniaturizing way. Racists define both blackness and whiteness in just that manner. Populists dehumanize complex people into the moronic categories of “the people” and “the elites.”

But it’s not only racists who reduce people to a single identity. These days it’s the anti-racists, too. To raise money and mobilize people, advocates play up ethnic categories to an extreme degree.

Large parts of popular culture — and pretty much all of stand-up comedy — consist of reducing people to one or another identity and then making jokes about that generalization. The people who worry about cultural appropriation...


And also blah.

The tiny clutch of freaked-out plutocrats who underwrite Mr. Brooks' career love this unctuous, smothering Both Sides bullshit, which is why you will continue to see it coming from everywhere.

That slight riffling noise you hear is the sound of the 3,000 theses I have already penned and nailed to this particular cathedral door being stirred by the whirlwind of Donald Trump's fascist mob moving in for the kill

So now it's 3001.


trgahan said...

Aside from absolving the white upper class for consigning millions to harder, shorter lives in order to get another tax cut they don't need, I think Brooks et al. Both Siders are going to play a key roll in brow beating and derailing any Democratic efforts to energize or organize voters.

From the guy who tone polices minorities anytime they get uppity, Brooks probably has a "Don't be so rude, they washed the boot that is on your neck! What more do you people want!?!?" ready to go if inauguration day is met with large protests.

keith gargus said...

I have no problem with reducing "multidimensional human beings" that vote for and embrace racism to the caricature of racist. It's how I roll.

Robt said...

Smoje and mirrors on steroids.
GW Bush and the Cheney crime family really showed Americans a thing or to that they should have remembered for life. Not so.

To make America great again is to start with big tax cuts for the most needy and harmed Americans in the country. The wealthy.
They will bring back jobs if only they could pad and replenish their offshore accounts.
Great America starts there.
Like the continuing tax cuts of Bush years during 2 ongoing wars. All those tax breaks created how many jobs? Ever hear those reports from the FOX?
We may have to privatize Medicare to reduce the standard of living for retired folks that weren't careful of what family they were born into. You can include those that are to ignorant to pick the correct numbers to win the lottery.
But we have to replenish the offshore accounts of the wealthy so they will invest in American jobs that cost more than exploiting the labor of communist countries.

It will trickle down to their family and help covering the cost of propagandizing Americans into divided submission of chatel.
Where is the both sider in coverage of the GOP for 8 years pounding hammers of horror of anger and fear of how Obama is converting us into cheap chinese Muslim labor? With the worst of giving us snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.
The debt is and has been none existent as an issue or patriotism.
--Watch the Tea Party and the KKK and the corrupt businessman who dreams to become an oligarch. disavow any principle fiscal responsibility during these next 4 years.

As Trump and the GOP run distract-a-looze and slight of hand that most will never figure out the trick. They can be told how it happened later in a Brooks narrative translated on Breitbart for the true Americans to ingest when needed.

The magic trick, recreate the atmosphere in America for the citizenry to re fight amongst themselves the age old white and black. The jew control. the mexicans. The Irish invasion and the British invasion (no not the Beatles).

For those who find life too short to continue repeating historical failure fights.
We are saddled with those who think it is a new original fight and should be fought as the rest of us, must endure. When the human effort and energy could be used and applied in so many beneficial ways.

What did the atheist think, as religions and governments of the ime crucified this Jesus? Not sure if we seen how it fully played out?

America has a memory problem..................

Chris Bronson said...

"Large parts of popular culture — and pretty much all of stand-up comedy— consist of reducing people to one or another identity and then making jokes about that generalization."

Ah, stand-up comedy, yet another thing that Brooksie doesn't understand