Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Captain Hideous

Noted Conservative lunatic and conspiracy monger, Frank Gaffney, leaves his lucrative fake military career --

-- to help Vladimir Putin's stooge in the White House destroy America:

Sane, Competent Official Uncovered on Trump Transition Team and Is Immediately Fired

By Jonathan Chait

The bad news on Donald Trump’s transition team is that Mike Rogers, one of the better informed and respected members of the Republican security establishment, has been booted off. The worse news is that, according to the Weekly Standard and a source who contacted the New York Times, Rogers was thrown off because of concerns about his handling of the Benghazi investigation. (Rogers found that, contrary to a popular right-wing conspiracy theory, the Obama administration did not order its security forces to “stand down.”) So Rogers’s willingness to follow evidence made him dangerous and unacceptable.

The even worse news is that the person who was fired for not being crazy was replaced by somebody who is famous for being crazy. Frank Gaffney has taken Rogers’s spot. Gaffney suffers from a variety of delusional beliefs...
Who could have predicted that the party that hates government sould suck so bad at government?


bowtiejack said...

I have no better crystal ball than anyone else, but word on the street is that the purging of Christie and associates from the Trump transition is payback for Christie as US Attorney having put the very guilty Charles Kushner, father of Ivanka's husband Jared, in jail (actually, he ended up pleading guilty to 15+ counts of tax fraud, witness tampering, etc.). Since we seem to be heading into banana republic territory, I'm wondering if post-Inauguration Trump's AG may go after Christie on the Bridgegate and NY Port Authority business? Sound unlikely? You want unlikely, repeat after me, "President Trump".

RUKidding said...

To bowtie: that's the rumor that I've heard as well re Christie, and I also wonder if Trump'll go after Christie for Bridgegate. Trump is one giant revenge-monster. I believe he's gonna go after a bunch of elites on the R Team, but that doesn't mean he won't go after Ds as well.

I also read somewhere that Trump offered Sleepy Ben Carson some sort of position in his Admin, and Carson - exhibiting a never before seen wisdom - turned him down... saying that he "knows nothing about how to be President and run the country." DOI!

Words fail me anymore. Witnessing this clusterfuck is worse than I ever imagined, and we're only 1 week in. Trump has requested high security clearances for Don, Jr, Erik, Ivanka and Jared Kushner. He wants all of them to work with him and be on all of the high security briefings. IOW Trump is in over his head - as we all knew he would be - and he's grasping at straws to parse out the work to his family members. Perhaps Kushner has the ability to focus more than 10 seconds on any one issue and can actually read policy papers and grasp and understand them?? Then again, it was Kushner who asked Obama: 1. Does Obama's WH staff stay on to work for Trump (Yeah, NO), and 2. Can Obama make any recommendations to Trump for who to hire (probably also: NO).

Yeah, thanks to all of those I know who kept reassuring me that Trump would "do just fine because he'll surround himself with the BEST people." GAH. Welcome to Idiocracy. Also welcome to your new tax increase because that'll be the first order of the day for the Tea Partiers: they'll vote for a giant sucking tax cut for the super wealthy, once again by giving a tax increase to Trump's stooge voters and the rest of hapless peons.

bowtiejack said...

All hail President Camacho !

Robt said...

I am very much more concerned with the Republican Brotherhood than any other brothers or or sisterhoods.

dinthebeast said...

There is actually a word for this: kakistocracy. It means government by the worst people.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

I wonder if the Joint Chiefs have already discussed giving Trump's Adminstration fake nuclear codes.