Thursday, October 13, 2016

So When Do I Report To Work, NYT?


Unknown said...

We must never let the "stupid party" squirm away from Trump. They Built That! They own him and he owns them. For my part, I will hereafter refer to them as ReTrumplicans. Even the allegedly "serious" GOPers who try to distance themselves. Too fucken late! Decent folks fled their party years ago. They'll be ReTrumplicans forever, we must never let them live this down!

mike gruey said...

one comment? checks in the mail

Robt said...

Owning the Trump, Not letting them rebrand themselves anew. Easier said than gone...........

Take Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer.
She is for Trump.
She is not for Trump.
Back with Trump again.
She is not up for reelection and the state is majority GOP right now.

She basically said she is going back to Trump because she likes the majority party and its power. That her party comes first which means basking in her majority power. Voters, fellow Nebraskans, citizens and Americans is not an important item.
Besides, there is enough Trump supporters who do not care about this country that will still vote for me in a couple years. And the rest of people will forget in 2 years.
More rebranding? JOhn Birch, Tea Party, Reagan Republicans or the with us or against us crowd. Then of course all the voter suppression.
They do not even admit GW Bush was president.
How do you latch a ball and chain around the ankle of a slug?

duquesnepdx said...

I, for one, welcome our new dirty fucking hippie overlords!

Fritz Strand said...

I noticed Krugman also went 'full Driftglass' in his Monday column.

dinthebeast said...

"How bad do you have to want to cut the top marginal tax rates to continue supporting this monster?" Jon Lovett on Chris Hayes' show (again) speaking about Paul Ryan. Almost makes up for Greenwald, but not quite.

-Doug in Oakland