Thursday, October 27, 2016

Putin Makes The Trumpkins Dance

Dance, heroes, dance!

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Jay Farquharson said...

Jeronimus said...

RUKidding said...

I'm not so sure that Putin/Russia is behind the latest releases of the Wikileaks emails mostly from Podesta's email. I'm not so sure about how much actual direct action Putin/Russia are taking in this election. That said, it seems to me that Trump is extremely deferential to Putin. He keeps talking about how Clinton should stop being so "mean" to him. For a guy who's dissed just about everyone in sight, including MANY in the GOP leadership, it's interesting how deferential Trump is to Putin.

Just saying...

banker puppy said...

RUKidding, it's pretty simple to figure out the main drivers behind Trump's admiration of Putin.

1) Trump envisions himself as less of a president and more of a dictator who gets his way through intimidation, brute force, retribution, and threats. Putin is a master of this 'leadership' style. [The authoritarian cro-magnon intellectual arm of the GOP is cut from the same cloth.]
2) Trump would love to punish those who publicly disrespect him. He probably fantasizes about Putin's enemies mysteriously dying or disappearing and longs for that kind of KGB-esque power.
3) Financially, Trump's first flirt with Russian money was in 1986. After the Trump-branded bankruptcies, Trump turned to Russian money to further his real estate interests.

Robt said...

When Trump on stage in public, asked Putin/ Russia to hack HRC for emails. Were they listening? Could they have dumped thee hack emails into Assange's lap to puppet out the Trump call? Sure.!
So let's try this,
Putin, if your reading this. How about hacking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker paul Ryan's emails.
I mean if you really want to get involved and affect American elections. have at it huas.
I tire of HRC's emails. I know who she is after all this time in public arena.

In my opinion,
Any congress critters setting timers on firecrackers over HRC emails or Benghazi etc, must have a complete and thorough investigation on them. Release the findings to the public. It is one way warfare by the powers of the Republican majorities in congress at the funding expense of taxpayer dollars.
There needs to be a Watchdog group task force to specifically fact check the "Elmer Fudd congressional majorities insatiable appetite to hunt Democrats with their power and our money.
So again,
Where is the emails of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.?????
For that matter, Kevin Mccarthy?
We never got to Cheney's personal communications. Why didn't Judicial Watch file FOIA to release Cheney's communications to his stooges? What, did he use pigeons?

RUKidding said...

As you indicate, banker puppy, there's salient reasons for Trump's deep and abiding admiration for Trump. You make some good, factual points. But I find Trump's deference to Putin to be in a category all by itself. It's quite interesting. Sorta like Trump owes Putin, and Trump forcefully presents himself as if he owes no one anything. It goes beyond admiration or envy of what Putin can do as a dictator.

Just interesting...

bluicebank said...

It almost makes one nostalgic for the days when any Republican (or Democrat, for that matter) would be figuratively tarred and feathered for deigning to sidle up to the Rooskies. And an ex-KGB man, at that.

It almost makes me doubt whether conservatives were ever serious about fighting the commies in the first place. It's almost as if they were born into hypocrisy, that their claimed love of this country is merely a glossy veneer over rotten wood.