Friday, October 14, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #358

"I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it."
--   Mark Twain, writer



jim said...

Beyond being owner-operators of post-human hairdos, what unites Trump & Assange is lives predicated on impulse as dogma - whether that ends up as fascist yearnings or as TMI run amok.

Two of the most radical societal shifts I've seen in my life have been the normalization of credit cards & legalizing gambling: ways to exploit human impulsiveness with the goal being to make people pay money in return for nothing. Both happened in my callow youth ... then I watched the superpowers exemplify that pathological adventurism in the form of Mutually Assured Destruction as policy. Beyond epic economic toxicity, this vein of modern culture feeds the same mental toxicity that's exemplified by Trump's political appeal for support to the non-white Americans he loathes: "What the hell have you got to lose?"

Relevant blogwhoring is relevant.

Also note that the Memory Hole Two-Step you're predicting commercial media hacks will employ as a memetic squid-cloud to delete Trump/GOP fascism relies on the same narrative that conventional wisdom long used to explain Hitler: erasing extant near-global anti-Semitism & replacing it with a mysterious "fever" that gripped Germany when he hynotised its voters like chickens into electing him in 1933. That McHistory lesson always mysteriously forgets how well Hitler was widely regarded in the West, not just for the Autobahn or the Muinch Olympics but for persecuting Jews.

John Taylor said...

Trump makes lewd comments and this is a bridge too far for Republicans? They were OK with his racism, his bashing immigrants, veterans, mocking the disabled and Gold Star family. They were all right with all his horrible behavior and now they want to disavow him. Too late, they own him now. He is the Republican party.

Robt said...

The Colbert "Tip of the hat"
For the C&L post of the real moral American patriot Trump supporters wearing their superior race displayed on their T-shirts.
The privileged exceptionalism only they feel they deserve to display and righteously.

Our First Lady's speech is very powerful and direct. Anyone with an ounce of humanity that has let their hate force that last ounce of humanity out of their heart and perhaps into their intestines. If they watched the First Lady (which they would only hear about from an AM'er reporting it to them). But if they watched. They long enduring painful stomach ache and nausea would become so painful they could not make it through her speech without it triggering a pain relief quest that only in a stand your ground state could they relieve such agony through a law tailored for them to use the fear of that pain to act out harmong others to relieve the pain of fear. These realities exist. Not sure if thereis a "top" for them anymore to go over or that can be written of?

The photo of the woman with the T-shirt "grab me here" with the arrow for feedback instance,
Let us presume she has a 10 year old daughter. At the rally with her/ She most likely is bewildered of the (Achem) adults actions in her midst. Out of sight for a moment. The daughter runs up to her Mom in the "Arrow" shirt and says,"Mommy, Mommy some man touched me badly. He grabbed me and took me over to the side where no one was and did something even worse to me".
Does that mother with the arrow shirt tell her 10 yr old that it is OK. Get used to it?
Can that woman even comprehend the level of treatment of not just her in her moment, perhaps her daughter(s) or sons. Yet other people's treatment of children and women?

If I may, C&L and site viewers can only benefit from your contributions.
To to be fair and balanced, This partner of yours could use more exposure. I think he show promise and can contribute too.

It is confounding that a political party can continue to exist and continue to lower expectations of aspirations of the human condition.

Where is the hope" the uplifting of the spirit? the measly ability to live in a confined jar where nothing can ever be improved?

Jim Gavin said...

While listening to Michelle Obama's speech it occurred to me that I was listening to the modern equivalent of Sojourner Truth's 'Aint I a woman' speech. Yesterday,listening to PLP I heard Bluegal say the very same thing and I started getting goose bumps on my arms. We are at a moment in history where we can say: "that is enough",and the First Lady has brought clarity and purpose to our modern discourse.
On a trip to Springfield with my son several years ago we visited the Lincoln museum. There is a display with figures of the Lincoln Family and also Sojourner Truth. There was a docent present and I asked her if she had heard Truth's famous speech? No,she had not. I suggested that when she gets home that she should go to YouTube and select of the many videos the Kerry Washington version.
A historical moment has repeated itself with a modern historical figure and it should be our task to make sure that those deaf ears that her message was directed to hear every word.