Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And Here Come The Chicken Farmers, Ctd.

First, a little context (from me, from a couple of years ago):
Of course, once you gave up on actual governing and turned your Zombie Army of Wingnut Purity loose to wreck the country in the name of Rush Limbaugh's idea of ideological conformity, it was only a matter of time before they would begin picnicking on each other. Or, as one low-born, bootless blabbermouth once said about another Purity Cult:
...once purity itself becomes all you care about -- once  it becomes a distillery race to see who can get to 100% -- the chicken farmers are never far behind:
The main Islamist group in Algeria, the GIA, ended up being led by a Mr. Zouabri, a chicken farmer, who killed everyone who disagreed with him. He issued a final communiqué, declaring that the whole of Algerian society should be killed, with the exception of his tiny remaining band of Islamists. They were the only ones who understood the truth.
And now, a ringside seat for the crackup, as the clown car slams into the wall at 120 mph:

Everyone is in on it, man!


You know, on their worst day, the junkies in "A Scanner Darkly" were less fucked-in-the-head and conspiracy-happy than these heroes of the Party of Personal Responsibility.

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Cugel said...

I honestly don't know what to tell Abe Lincoln. "Uh, the parties switched sides and the South became solid for the Republican party after the Democrats passed a voting rights act for Negroes in the 1960s." That's just not going to make any sense to Lincoln. "The GOP is now filled with Southerners who call the Civil War, the 'War of Northern Aggression'?" That really won't make any sense to him either. "The Democrats became the party of integration and the Republicans want to roll it back?" Nope. I give up.

Jimbo said...

Cugel: I think Lincoln could have gotten his head around that. Only several years before his election the Whig Party was a party that had "progressives" (abolitionists and pro-invest in America types) with nativists and the no-nothings. This proved to be completely impossible to sustain and the party dissolved and disappeared with the progressive side becoming the GOP and the nativists joining the southern Democrats (the Democrats were already regionally divided by that time).
Of course, the modern GOP has no "progressive" wing; they have a tiny plutocrat "Establishment" that has manipulated the much larger base on sexual, racial, xenophobic and other hate themes or at least has done so until this election and now is effectively dead.
Abe would've been under no illusion that the South was going to remain retrograde, which is why he also supported the transcontinental railway investment during the Civil War (finished 1869), which would cement the West for the Union and not the slave South (remember the Civil War was actually about preventing the extension of slavery outside the South not abolishing slavery).
So, if Abe is looking down on us now, he's going, "yeah, I totally understand that some things have never changed in America."

lorene said...

"And now, a ringside seat for the crackup, as the clown car slams into the wall at 120 mph" -- saves this quote for future. Who says driftglass is not quotable?

Robt said...

We will witness the ch angling of the RNC.
They will rename their Doppelgangers.
I mean, the competed to go through the wood chipper, The meat Grinder, and the seive to thin the heard into purity. Next will be the blender.

You cannot take the ass out of asshole no matter what they call themselves.

You merely have to watch Newt and Megan go at it on FOX over sex and Trump to see where they are headed.

bowtiejack said...

Today’s Republican base is the Undead Ghost of the Confederacy. It is the mold in the walls of the republic. It survived because of the truncation of Reconstruction after only a dozen years and the implementation of Jim Crow laws and segregation.

Prior to the Civil War,  the economy of the South rested on human slaves working the latifundia of the plantation owners. It was basically a feudal system where the aristocracy (the plantation owners) owned everything worth owning (the land and the slaves who worked it - sounds like the dream of the 1% today, doesn’t it?) and the peasants (subsistence agriculture white people) got what was left (sharecropping and menial employment ) but they got to look down on the slaves.
Probably nothing exemplifies the persistence of this "culture" until today as the fact that the Southern Baptist Convention didn't get around to renouncing slavery until 1995.

trgahan said...

To make Godwin role his eyes yet again, evidence the Republican voting block has come down to the SS divisions.

These are the divisions that Brook et al. are charged with explaining away with fairy tales of "mad at the establishment," "angry the local factory closed," or "feel left out of the American Dream."

RUKidding said...

It's been proven that the bulk of Trump's rabid fans are NOT poor, pathetic white males who've been done out of good jawbs because of Obama or globalism or the dastardly Democratic party or, worst of all, Libruls or something something.

Nay verily most of Trump's base are just your garden variety still middle class white people - male and female - making decent money at decent jobs, living in nice houses in nice neighborhoods, but somehow something something they're afraid or angry or something, and we should all feel sorry for them because... just because.

Nope. They're racists and all the rest of the fugly stuff that horrible libruls have been saying all along. And now they're desparate, so they're ginning up ever more crazy conspiracies and calling in every more nutty conspiracists and so we have Bat Boy and Hilbot doing the Martian cha-cha just before Hilbot disrobes and goes down on some Hollywood C Grade starlet, and that'll make us all not want to vote for her.

No doubt O'FuckingKeefe can produce some "true" video footage of Hilbot, Batboy & C Grade Hollywood "actress." It'll be YUUUGE. October Surprise!!1!

ohsopolite said...

The petulant quotes from the third stringers may be the funniest thing I've seen all week.

Dave McCarthy said...

Hoo boy, those TWEETS!

In the words of the inimitable Tom Lehrer, "The outpatients are out in force tonight!"