Friday, September 23, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #355

"It's a sin in politics to land a soft punch."
--   Alf Landon



banker puppy said...

Four paws up for devoting time to Gov. Rauner, Illinois dynastic politics, and life in Springfield on this podcast. It was a refreshing shift from the national scene.

One minor item about Jim Edgar, though. He may have his issues with Rauner’s approach to governing Illinois, but not to the extent that he’ll refuse to make a buck off of it.

Per the Chicago Sun-Times (7/2/2016):
“Edgar is chairman of the board of Illinois Financing Partners, which on Wednesday won the Rauner administration’s OK to advance money to vendors that have been forced to wait months to get paid by the state. The payoff for the Edgar company? It gets to keep the late-payment fees when the state finally pays up.”

Hougoose Moos said...

Some of my friends tell me that the Epipen lady is none other than the daughter of the supposedly Democratic Senator from West Virginia/ former Gov. Since at least 2 competitors have had their applications for generic versions of epipens rejected, one might wonder what committees Sen Manichean might be sitting on these days. Wasn't the word dynasty used earlier in podcast?

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

So during the Bible Bitch segment, when Ms. Gal was talking about "What is the most important of all the commandments," I couldn't help but hear Conan in my head***...

"crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women"

Good thing I don't believe in Hell, or I'd be going there.

Be seeing you.

***apologies if you made the same joke, and I just didn't get to that portion yet

Don P said...

She is the daughter of Joe Manchin, and Manchin's wife herself was a big time lobbyist in requiring schools to have EpiPens on hand to begin with.

A little fun with RW trolling this week telling "Constitutional Conservative" Trump supporters (the very thought of that requires Olympic level mental gymnastics) about his new national stop - frisk-seize firearms program. Violates OH so many amendments, especially the oh so holy 2nd. You can see the gears turn above the head, the dawn of realization, a Luke Skywalker "No, that's Impossible!", thenfinally an F-bomb laden walk off.

keith gargus said...

Like Larry Welk covering the Velvet Underground, Bobo is "relating" to the kids today. What a guy. What a moran.

dinthebeast said...

Wise Latinas, as it were...

-Doug in Oakland

Jimbo said...

Loved your podcast also for the Illinois context since I am not from there. The Gov. Edgar comment was really interesting. I mostly grew up in Pittsburgh, which is a great city too and when I was a kid Bill Scranton (R) was governor (his ancestors started Scranton, PA where Biden comes from). He was a classic East Coast Establishment Aristocrat (in office in the 1960s). Basically, the only reason my family could send me to college was because he set up the PA Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEEA) something that would be anathema to the GOP from Reagan Era onwards. Basically, people like him and a whole bunch of other mostly East Coast Republicans were basically modern day Democrats, which just shows how perverted our politics have become over the last 50 years.
BTW, Martha Raddatz, whom I know slightly through a friend is a pretty genuine reporter but when she's subbing on the ABC Sunday Show, she is very constrained by the producers (not an excuse by the way; just an explanation).