Thursday, September 01, 2016

One Of These People Is A Klansman

The other two are regular, respected guest analysts on MSNBC.
Once again we find ourselves at war.

And once again the media is in the hands of the enemy.


Dave McCarthy said...

yeah, WInston was a fairly competent wordsmith, but he never coined a term like "criming all over the place". That's practically Shakespearean!

So Drumpf made this trip and the speech that followed just to get back into the good graces of the shrieking likes of Coulter? Good plan!

RUKidding said...

About to go overseas. Girding my loins for the shame & embarrassment when being asked WTF is wrong with you people???

trgahan said...

So Trump runs to Mexico to make sure their unpopular desperate President doesn't try to score his own political points by setting their government loose on Trump's Mexican real estate holdings and business interests on the eve of Trump making his latest Blood and Soil speech to a bunch of Midwestern retirees still pissed that another "Promised Land" state they retired to was already full of brown people who don't cross the street and avert their gaze.

I can only imagine Trump saying "Look, I'm going to say a lot of things tonight, but that is just for the idiots that are voting for me. Know I don't intend on doing any of it. Besides, I'm looking for a new manager of a Mayan Riviera properties...keep in touch."

it's Churchhillian....

Enheduanna Pax said...

I'm pretty sure Churchill's speeches are available for public consumption if Anne ever wanted to read them for herself and not rely on hearsay that they're good.

Lit3Bolt said...

Well, Crooked Hillary won't let the DC press have daily pressers and daily champagne and daily caviar, so therefore, both sides do it, because the Tautology God must be fed, and how convenient that the poor and powerless are here to feed him.

Karen Rea said...

Dave: funny, I couldn't take anymore of the odious Mr. Trump (and why does this bastard get all of the "Mr." deference no one else gets?) and flipped on Netflix and watched a documentary on Shakespeare whilst he was "speaking". It was a real palate cleanser. Trump shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence with ANY man or woman of letters including Dr. Seuss and Beatrix Potter.

Robt said...

What Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump and so many other Alienator righties are looking towards. Is the profits of anger and hate they can sell after the election.

Somehow MSNBC sees a profit in being the moderator in media chief for ratings?

There was this fellow on the internets that para blogged the GOP debates.
Since we have a Hillary/ Trump debate coming up soon. We need to find this guy and see if we can convince him to para blog the debate between these two presidential questers.

For MSNBC, I find it simply reinforcing the idea of someone like the HH to recycle his spittle.
The challenging match ups with these FOX Alienators on the MSNBC has not materialized. Not saying they need to MF each other. The Hews only seek moments of less attention of the host to slip a conservative made up wedgie in without being confronted. To go unchallenged. That Hewey can later point to say, "See, it is true".
What we miss in this election is that the House and Senate members up for elections get no scrutiny. Not enough anyways.
Rubio for instance failed vs Trump on immigration but won his GOP primary for the Senate job he did nto like, perform or show up for. The immigration position of Rubio is anti Trump in nature but they voted him in in the GOP primary. Knowing there has been a immigration bill approved by the senate. Sent to the House to be sent to a dark location to be tortured.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Churchill, Hitler...Ann's always getting them confused.