Wednesday, September 28, 2016

After Letting Liars Take a Dump in Their Skulls Every Day For 25 Years... can anyone continue to act surprised that the average Trump voter is a proudly and irredeemably ignorant shit-for-brains?

And where do the paid masterminds of this disaster get the fucking nerve to congratulate each other on finally growing a conscience because the fires they deliberately set on my side of town so they could take over my country have now spread to their back yard?

To use a phrase Brad DeLong coined at least 13 years ago to frame his incredulity that any "grownup Republican" could possibly be thinking about voting for George W. Bush given the...
...sheer effrontery of Team Bush's effort to cover up the astounding incompetence that leads to its pattern of miserable failure.
...I too will stop describing the GOP as "Orwellian" when they stop using 1984 as an Operations Manual.


RUKidding said...

Oops I had a gander at that Trump rally. I try to avoid those but dip my toe in once in a while. After visiting the wonketeers, I see that the "media" has been spreading predictable lies about the debate. Guess DeadBreitbart, et al, ran a buncha reader "polls" about the debate, whereby anyone could do it and do it hundreds of times if they wanted, which showed "incontroverably" that Trump "won." Guess it was even too much for Fake Noise, who issued a Memo telling their talking heads to Stop IT! And quote the "real" polls (by whomever does those things) which showed that the "Red Queen" (new dissing name for Hitlery apparently) "won" har har LIEbrul media.

Guess Hannity and some of Trump's other paid off minions keep referring back to the DeadBreitbart crap, despite the Memo. Hence, these droogies at this rally can live in their fictional fantasyland where Trump "won," and Obama never ever ever ever ever EVER released one tiny iota of a detail about his Birf Sirtifikeet... and Trump just refuted the Birfer stuff because Votes, etc.

It also really really pisses me off (this is why I don't watch these) that these shits are thrilled to learn that their KKK Grand Wizard Trump paid no taxes. YAY! He's so smart! Of course, let me turn around and do a beat down on poverty stricken US citizens who don't earn enough to pay Fed Taxes and whine and bitch and moan and complain about how THEY - the poor - are lucky duckies who don't do their "fair share and pull their weight." UNFAIR that teh poorz pay NO taxes (except it's just fed taxes, and these creeps always ignore all the other regressive taxes that we, including the poor, pay).

Sheesh. Fuck the GOP, Fuck the Media, Fuck Fox, Fuck Rush, Fuck "Christiany" Mega Churches (mostly run by the devious pernicous Family/Fellowship). Fuck 'em all. They have mos def reliably brainwashed a significant portion of morans to believe in pixies and fairy dust, all while being nasty, ill-mannered, ill-tempered, lousy rotten creeps, including smug dumbfeck know-nothing little old ladies with white hair.

Fuck 'em all. Deplorable doesn't begin to describe it. Clinton was being kind and gracious.

dinthebeast said...

Well I'll be damned, an actual liberal just said some actual liberal things on TV. Does it say anything about TV that the show I was surprised to see anything actually liberal on was Chris Hayes' show?
His name is Jon Lovett and he had the temerity to mention that liberals have been right all along. You never hear that on TV.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

They never stop showing the world that they are exactly the army of brain-dead fucking savages and menace to civilized norms that we LIEberals have been saying they are for 40 years, but too many are too embarrassed, or terrified, or well-paid for that simple truth to just roam at large without minders.

proverbialleadballoon said...

When George fuckin W Bush, who was their cowboy hero president for 8 entire years, went down the Memory Hole, that's when it really _really_ sank in for me that Minitru, the Memory Hole, re-writing the past becoming the truth, that's the most terrifying part of 1984. When O'Brian tells Winston about how the past only exists in human memory, and by the next generation of people, there won't be anyone who remembers or can tell what really actually happened, that part.

And now 8 years later they are allowed to just elide over the many failures of W Bush; Bill Clinton should have taken out Bin Laden, something happened it probably wasn't important, then that nigger took over and everything went to shit. And the people that were too young to pay attention to politics only 10, 15 short years ago, all they know is what people say and what the tv says. And they never hear anything about George fuckin W Bush, conservatives pretended that they never heard of the guy, the press is complicit, and the liberals, always bitching and moaning about something amirite?

Minitru is the press, and the reason that the shouldn't-be-possible ploy of pretending W Bush never existed worked, is _purely_ because of the press. The conservatives could put on their charades, but if the press did one fraction of it's job, the charades would have been made obvious. Everything hinges on the press keeping the people mis-informed, because once they are mis-informed long enough, the mis-information is the truth. End book report; deLong was right, and driftglass, too, as that's a running thread through this blog.

trgahan said...

"...congratulate each other on finally growing a conscience.."

If by conscience you mean something similar to when they spun tales of generational GOP majorities, worldwide rejection of liberalism, and electoral mandates ca. 2000 to 2006 until it became embarrassing on the cocktail party circuit to still carry water for the Bush administration.

The media and its backers became "independents" long before Crazy Uncle Liberty burned his lawn sign, scrapped off the "W" sticker, put tea bags on his hat, and goggled what a Gadsden flag was.

Robt said...

All hail deadbreitbart,
Long live the Bannon

In a galaxy far far away,
Gary Johnson tells anyone that will listen that Trump is unfit mentally to be president and he disagrees with Hillary. That if have disagreements with these two (one is going to win). You should protest vote for him and the Libertarian party. It is not throwing your vote away (he says) it is throwing your vote away in protest..

See the difference? Nothing like a 2rd party that shows up at presidential elections to offer a conservative variances like legalize pot, and tax breaks for the wealthy as an alternative.
Someone has to explain how libertarianism is compatible with the General Welfare of the people". Before I even consider exploring that rabbit hole.

Ozsportsdude said...

Jon is co-opt of the early week version of a podcast I'm guessing you'd enjoy called 'keepin it 1600' on The Ringer podcast network

Obamas old speechwriter hosts with Lovett and (ex Obama Nat Sec spokesman ) Tommy Vietor on Monday (or Tues, I'm Australian time so hard to tell) while he hosts Thursday edition with ex-obama communication director Dan Pfeiffer

They occasionally have GOP guests but mock both-siderist cowards like Fournier repeatedly

Theo said...

Minor nit: according to the linked page, Brad DeLong didn't coin the phrase, he quoted it from Mark Kleiman:

"Mark A. R. Kleiman: The White House memory hole is a bottomless pit: There seems to be absolutely no limit to the sheer effrontery of Team Bush's effort to cover up the astounding incompetence that leads to its pattern of miserable failure."