Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Under The Dumb

Since both David Brooks --
David Brooks is off today,
-- and Charlie Pierce --
Charlie is taking a well-deserved break this week.
-- decided to head off for vacations (the conspiracy deepens) at the exactly same time Ivanka Trump and Putin's new gal pal decided to make the Zagreb nightclub scene together you're stuck with me for awhile.

And while you are probably sensible enough to stick to actual, y'know, news and stay the hell away from Conservative sludgebucket media, you should be aware that, for the next week or two, AALL CAPS emails from your own Crazy Uncle Liberty will be bulked up with this stuff:from all the usual places:

Fox News: House Republicans detail perjury allegations against Clinton

NewsMax:  House Republicans Say Hillary Lied, Make Case for Perjury Charge

Washington Examiner:  House Republicans push DOJ on Clinton perjury probe

Washington Times:  House GOP lays out case for Hillary Clinton perjury over emails

Charisma News:  House Republicans Accuse Hillary Clinton of Perjury

Breitbart News:  House Committee Chairmen Lay Out Case For Perjury Against Hillary

Washington Free Beacon:  Leading Republicans Lay Out Case for Perjury Against Clinton

The Blaze:  Did Clinton Perjure Herself Before Congress? House Judiciary, Oversight Chairmen Think So

Townhall:  Did Hillary Commit Perjury By Lying to The FBI? Or to Congress?
This is happening because a grease-stain named Jason Chaffetz is running slightly behind in the 2016 Baseless Witch-hunt Hurdle and Long-Jump competition and thinks he is making a genius strategic Shaunae Miller finish line dive in order to nail down the gold medal, when in reality is actually doing this kinda things here yet again:

This is also happening because at this point the only prayer the Pig People have of getting Don the Con into the White House is to exploit some large number of Imaginary Conservatives who have been in a persistent vegetative state since Barack Obama won but who can be zapped out of their electoral comas by a massive dose of of 1990s impeachment nostalgia, administered by the Conservative Media Conspiracy to bind the word "Hillary" to the word "Perjury" forever and ever, amen.

And anyone who has been following politics for longer than the last five minutes knows that this shit will never end until the Republican Party is on the ash heap of history and its rage-drunk meathead base is driven back into the political sewer.


Anonymous said...

At least they know that the charge will be perjury. Remember when they wanted to impeach Obama, but they didn't know what it would be for?

bowtiejack said...

In reading this "news list", or anything about Jason Chaffetz, or Yastreblyansky's depantsing of Gunga Dinesh
(http://yastreblyansky.blogspot.com/2016/08/landmarks-in-fatuity.html) -

I keep getting flashbacks to Monty Python's "Twit of the Year Contest".
Could that be because the twits were more able competitors than these clowns?

Robt said...

We need a Constitutional Amendment to prevent Congress majorities from using taxpayer dollars for their stinkin campaigns.

Paul Ryan lied in front of America on camera when asked of Trump's statement of using 2nd Amendment remedies on Clinton.

"Duh, I haven't seen the video myself. Just heard a little bit about it so I do not want to comment on something I do not fully know, Ryan Said.

Yet Ryan went on to mention the intense partisan GOP agenda of SCOTUS nominations and how important it is for the GOP to maintain it's partisanship in politicizing the Supremes.
Unlike the Liberal socialist Democrats who politicize the Courts.

banker puppy said...

I don't like the views of the conservative base at all. They are, however, American citizens. The Republican Party may indeed become a thing of the past, but new political entities will form and more than one will be quite happy to embrace what you call the "rage-drunk meathead base" to further its own ends, probably some corporate oligarchy a la "Thunderball."

Rather than taking joy in the demise of the GOP, perhaps attention could be placed on what is likely to replace it and whether it is a greater threat what remains of our democracy than what's there now.

RUKidding said...

Well get ready for more of the same old, diff'rent day with the Hillbot cuz when she wins, the GOP will immediately begin Impeachment proceedings on Nov 9, 2016. I'm sure they have the papers drawn up already, and these are but the first salvos across the bow.

The GOP: Sore Losers ForEVAH!

The Republican Derangement Syndrome will not be bent or broken; it will carry on infinitely unless or until the whole damn party splinters into smaller groups of ever more moronic "conservative purists" who can be purer than each other, whilst being shout-y about vote rigging and such.

I don't expect this nonsense to end in my life time, sadly, and I'm an Old. I got some good years left, but geez this has been tediously tiresome just about my entire life.

Jay Farquharson said...

She's not Putin's Girlfriend.

Almost at the bottom of the stupidest and most insane thread ever on DKos,


>And then, Vogue takes a stance. The gossip isn’t true:

>>Untrue, alas. “I’ve never met Putin,” she says. “But wow, so much press about it. Why did they choose me?” Perhaps the press chose Murdoch out of a perverse sense of respect, a certainty that she could hold her own with the best (and the worst) of them. As it happens, Murdoch is single and happy to be fixed up. <<

All the coverage of this is lightweight and joking. No source is treating the story seriously. Everyone is explicit that nothing but unsubstantiated gossip trading is going<

Publishing shite like this doesn't help the MSM in any way.

Green Eagle said...

Charlie Pierce is still making his weekly call-in to Stephanie Miller's show, if you can't take the withdrawal.

trgahan said...

While two bit conman parading as Republican Chaffetz has himself a nice safe gerrymandered seat in Utah, the only thing I can see that would knock the fucking wind out of Republicans and their conservative media infotainment complex and stop the 1990's for happening all over again is for Democrats to pick up anything they don't get in 2016 in the 2018 midterms.

Robt said...

Not one report of republicans calling for a hanging for treason for creating ISIS?

They have the greatest witness ever, Trust me.

Witness says he saw it on the shows............What more do you need to start knotting the nose?

They sure have no intention of investigating any of the republican brotherhood.