Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Today In Trump: Baby-Punching

Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican nominee for President of the United States! (from Politico):
Trump boots baby from Virginia rally

Donald Trump asked a woman with a crying baby to leave his rally in Ashburn, Virginia on Tuesday.
Well, that is one way to change the subject from you shitting all over a grieving Gold Star family.


Bob Muir said...

So what next? Kittens or Puppies? Take you bets.

D. said...

He probably thought the baby was criticizing him somehow.

(It wouldn't surprise anyone.)

God, I am tired of reading about that man, and we have 99 more days of this.

RUKidding said...

Too bad Lewandowski's not directly working for Trump anymore. He coulda shoved that baby outta the room.

Robt said...

Can't put it past the Donald to think it was a MExican baby, Jewish baby. He already said he would kill family and (including babies) of Muslim in his Islamo-war.

It is typical character of "loving the fetus and hating the child" ideology.

I suspect his children are very damaged individuals and have learned to accept their programmed deviances and hide it in front of the public.

Should someone demand Trump's family member(s) stop their crying on stage for Dad. What might the awesome Donald tweet in retaliation?
I can picture the Donald in his Islamo-war, really taking it to the "terrorists" by tough harsh words in his tweets to Baghdad Islamo Bob.
How many Trump tweets will it take to defeat the terrorists?

bowtiejack said...

Hey! The kid took a swing at me!
Tried to disrupt the whole thing!
I'm not allowed to punch back?

Bobby said...

Trump could have really punched that baby and that crowd would cheer. Trump is not the problem, his followers are.

keith gargus said...

We are in uncharted waters. Even in the basest comedy has there been a more unaware candidate. Hat's off Yam, you are unique.

dinthebeast said...

Am I allowed to ask what the fuck a baby was doing at a Trump rally?

-Doug in Oakland

MRjonz54 said...

This is of course a huge mistake on his part because he’s going to need an infant to use as a human shield when that despondent psychic takes a shot at him during a future rally.

ATTN: NSA, it's a literary reference.

bluicebank said...

And yet, he was still punching above his weight.

Christ, I don't even think humor will get me to November. Forget his tax returns. I want to see this sociopath's bucket list.

RUKidding said...

To Doug: learning to give the 1 finger salute and call Clinton a bitch from that 10 year old boy? And then blame your bad behavior on Democrat schools, eg, Both Sides!!11! Start 'em young, I sez.

Paul Wartenberg said...

I got money on Trump strangling a penguin with his bare hands next. I got a quarter right here says that penguin-death is next!

Robt said...

"Paul Wartenberg said...
I got money on Trump strangling a penguin with his bare hands next. I got a quarter right here says that penguin-death is next!"

"strangling a penguin" Really? The Penguin may deserve a good struggling Buuut!,
You're going to reach back and bring Cheney into this.