Friday, August 12, 2016

The Triumphant Re-Return of Holy Joe Lieberman

And so hes back, from outer space
I just walked in to find him here, with that look upon his face...

(Mr. Robot Spoiler Ahead!)

Honestly, I never thought I would see a more hilariously surreal piece of mind-blowing Reagan/Bush-era off-kilter weirdness than Alf running over a cop on Mr. Robot.

It was sublime.

Then, the very next day, as I was taking care of business around town and sampling the media fare on the radio, I breezed past MSNBC... paused... went back... and my oh my, was I ever wrong.   Because there was Holy Joe Lieberman resplendent in vintage 90s Centrist threads, blatting on and on about how "we" are all to blame and how "no one in Washington is willing to compromise" because of all the nasty partisan poo everyone stepped in "over these last several years".

All that was missing was the laugh track (Note to self: cut together the meat of this Lieberman atrocity with pauses and a vintage 1980s laugh track.)  (Note to self: acquire the skills necessary to do the aforementioned thing.)

You know for awhile there I was getting kinda worried that this disgraced human footnote would never again be able to find a Beltway hack debased and desperate enough to put him on the teevee.  And then, when all hope seemed lost, Shuck Todd stepped up like a pro and gave Holy Joe one more chance to wedge himself into a national news cycle to pitch his No Labels post-election pity-party and whiiiiiiine about Both Sides.

You really don't need to watch.  You already know how this all goes.


Charlesdillon said...

Compromise = give in to republicans like I did. Fuck you Joe.

bowtiejack said...

That No Labels grift must be profitable since they keep pushing it (and presumably writing themselves checks for, uh, "expenses").

Why does no one ever ask their donors, "If you're so rich, why aren't you smart?"

Rehctaw said...

But,but, but... He Joe Labels nooooooooooooow don'cha know? Like all tired dead-enders who refuse to step aside, he thinks he's got a shot at an appointment... or a regular place at Schuckie's table.

RUKidding said...

Holy Joe LIEbertoad ("D" Israel) most certainly knows all there is to know about compromise. He and his wife, Hadassah, are past Masters at compromising themselves to anyone and everyone who'll toss them a bone or some buck$. I guess that's why Holy Joe likes to have "no label." It's a signal that he's for sale to whomever is the highest bidder. Can't imagine anyone wanting to toss some buckeroo$ his way these days, but guess he's in it to win it, so he'll SAY he's endorsing Clinton now.

Back in the day, I recall his tongue so far up Walnuts McCain's butt that it was coming out of McCain's mouth. ewwwww....

Mr.Shemp said...


Nope, it's just Holy Joe Lieberman doing his Droopy impression all over my liberal TV.

Go back to sleep, Joe. We'll call you when we need you.

Robt said...

The outdated droid, "GOP Joe", after all this time somehow reenergizing ad projects a piece of a map to nowhere?

Again, This is not the droid you are looking for......................

banker puppy said...

Laugh track inserts are easy. Are you on a PC or a Mac?

paul said...

Watching this interview and several others following it with several people from both sides of the divide, it's clear that all we are going to get from interviews are the views of both sides and that won't convince many people. The constant interviewing of or round table discussions with participants in the campaign will not change anyone's mind; it's just not very convincing unless you already know about the history behind it.

The whole interview format is wrong for this race because one side is blatantly lying. What is needed is objective reporting of the facts and the history with visuals, i.e. video of events such as the government of Iraq ordering the Americans to leave, and graphics showing the number of Republican vs Democratic fillibusters, the number of times the Hastert rule was used etc, not interviews or round tables.

Chuck Todd just allows the liars to come on and he never calls them liars because that would look biased. The answer is to be a journalist and present the facts.


keith gargus said...

Putting aside the multiple sins of this asshole. I will never forgive this pig for the blowjob he gave Cheney in the VP debate.

Robt said...

Since the reappearance of Joe momentum.
I stand waiting with the greatest anticipation of Zeb Millers re devute.

Didn't you miss Zeb Miller at the GOP reality convention?

dinthebeast said...

It wasn't easy because I don't have flash in Firefox, but I made it to the antidote and watched Jon Stewart's droopy dog Lieberman impression...

-Doug in Oakland

Bernard Eckholdt said...

somethings are better left unsaid. any hope that karma exists is disproven by this "excuse" for humanity.

Cirze said...

Didn't watch.



Don't need it.



Kill me now.

(angling for Secretary of HEW)

Unknown said...

"I guess that's why Holy Joe likes to have "no label." It's a signal that he's for sale to whomever is the highest bidder."

This. SO MUCH this.

Bravo RUK. You parked that one deep.