Monday, August 29, 2016

Race-Bait and Switch

For years, it has been ridiculously obvious that the Beltway media simply cannot function without the crutch of its Both Sides Do It lie.  


And for this I blame Chuck Todd, and a boatload of others just like him*, for reasons that -- believe me -- after 11 years, I get tired of reiterating.  But until I get Mr. Todd and his collaborators under some hot lights and sweat the details of his part in the Beltway media conspiracy out of them, nailing the same painfully obvious theses to the media's cathedral door over and over and over again is the best I've got.

This radical media bias in favor of a comforting fairy tale was never particularly well-hidden because it didn't need to be:  virtually no one inside the belly of the media beast -- people whose chosen profession ostensibly has something to do with speaking the truth -- is going to risk their position by speaking this obvious truth out loud.

But after years of maintaining the Big Both Siderist Lie by lending its tattered mantle of respectability to an increasingly dangerous and bizarre gallery of Conservative lunatics and con men in order to achieve "balance", the Beltway media finally arrived at the place it was headed all along:  with a Republican Party which was now so openly and confidently racist and insane that there is no possibility of wishing it away any longer.   Or, as Brother Charlie Pierce puts it:
One of our two major political parties has nominated a megalomaniacal know-nothing for the highest office in the land. He is demonstrably racist, demonstrably unfit for the office, and very nearly demonstrably cuckoo bananas. That is the only story anybody should be covering, and there is no Other Side to it. Both Sides do not nominate Donald Trumps. Elite American political journalism is either unwilling or unable to accept the obvious truth of this.
The Irresistible Force of the Donald Trump nomination had finally collided with the Immovable Object of the Beltway Both Siderist Lie.  And the existential consequences have been both disturbing and hilarious -- fodder for several dozen more essays than I have the time or spirit to write.

One of the most deleterious side-effects of Donald Trump's candidacy has been the mainstreaming of America's more quotidian racism and commonplace right-wing crackpottery that are usually cranked up to "8"*, but are being smuggled into respectability under the cover of being slightly less awful than Trump, who cranks it up to "11".

Which is why I predicts that once Trump finally crashes and burns, the Beltway media will do exactly what it did when the Bush Administration crashed and burned:  they will skip right over all those inconvenient Liberals who had been right about the coming debacle all along, they will anoint as brilliant prophets the likes of Bill Kristol, Eric Erickson, Joe Scarborough and any other Conservative who bailed on Trump in the 11th hour in order to back some other staggeringly-unfit wingnut, and they will embrace anyone, anywhere who will put on a suit, sit in front of a camera and speak the holy words -- "Both Sides were to blame" -- out loud.  

Unless we on the Left push back loud and hard and in one voice, sooner than you will believe possible you will wake up to find that the same Conservative goblins who have already crippled this country almost beyond repair have monetize yet another disaster of their own making, exiled fact-based reporting, causality and linear from the media entirely and used their craven Beltway collaborators to seal the deal.  

*For example, at the exact moment I am writing this, Mrs. Alan Greenspan is on MSNBC helping  notoriously unhinged gorgon, Ann Coulter, pimp her shitpile of a book(s) under the cover of a serious discussion about immigration.


Charlesdillon said...

Mrs. Greenspan look out! Ann Coulter is coming up on you at noon!

Andrew Harris said...

Vidal was right, we are the United States of Amnesia. Something something Santayana.

RUKidding said...

How can Mrs. Allen A-Pox-On-Their-Houses have a "discussion" with unhinged Coultergeist about immigration? I thought Coultergeist's latest Daddy-fetish let her down hard and waffled on immigration and came up with something already promoted by BushCo and other RINOs?

So are Coultergeist and Mrs. Pox gonna shriek and moan and stir their cauldrons all whilst dissing the Donald for his perfidiousness and becoming a RINO, after all... but also while finding ever more disingenous ways to say that Hitlery is worse?? Because Both Sides!!1! But the leftwing is always worse!1! Always.

IOW, is this just one of their earlier practice runs for what they'll shriek and moan out when Trump goes down to defeat?? Conservatism never fails, but Trump FAILED conservatism!!11!! He's a RINO!!11!!

gmoke said...

Yeah but Anthony Weiner is to Hillary Clinton's campaign exactly what Steve Bannon is to Trump's.

trgahan said...

Still wonder if we are witnessing the great scramble by the Beltway collaborators to keep their job's (or advance careers) when the inevitable post-election "news" crew shake up happens in response to the exist polls (ie. producers screaming for more women and minorities to repeat right wing talking points and say Both Sides! to everything)

Some "old" faces are going to be downgraded and a few "new" faces rise as the face of post-Trump, Beltway media. To that media, the base the spawned Trump will no longer exist 10 minutes after the polls close and Hillary will be the "Most hated and scandal riddle presidency EVER!!!"

KenRight said...

So the point is, because of Trump's disqualifying traits, Clinton has none?
Or that playing to the white working class is beyond the pale whereas Clinton's tribal politics against Sanders isn't?
Or that saying we should get along with Putin is worse than comparing him to Hitler and threatening a Syrian no-fly zone which Stephen Cohen warns could prompt war with Russia?

driftglass said...

Your one-test-post blog from 2012 tells me something about you, Kenny.

Something sad.

Robt said...

Nice Kenny call. Was that an ALT nation TEST ?

Coultergeist has had ghost writers typing books for every election to sell them to conservatives. She goes on the media circuit rampage to boost her sales and the media
assists in advancing her promotions. Her book has real American insights on immigration. No surprise her adam's apple bulged out when KellyAnne Barbie took Trump off the immigration Viagra. But one creative political cartoonist (Danziger) for the Richmond Herald on Aug 26.. provided me with a rare deep belly laugh by viewing it.

You should be able to see the two witches in the air in the classic air dogfight. On their flying brooms.

Remember Ms Greenspan advertised she interviewed many dictators of the world(as a woman). Coultergeist must be beneath her. Ann never ruled a country unless you define her dominance in ALT right world.

Cok Burger said...

Ken Wrong just got banned from pm carpenter. I expect him to lower the discourse here on a regular basis.