Friday, August 26, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #351

"Failure is not an option."
--   Gene Kranz, Apollo 13



dinthebeast said...

Cable news, as a thing, is weaker than it would seem to people who actually know about it. Between MSNBC,CNN,and Fox, they're averaging less than 4 million viewers in prime time. MSNBC, by the way, has overtaken CNN in the ratings, so that may explain why they are acting as shamelessly as they have been lately. I actually don't know many people who watch cable news, and I really only know what's happening there because I read Crooks and Liars. I watch the videos of her show that they post on the Maddow Blog, sometimes I watch the ones Chris Hayes posts, and lately I've been watching all of the Joy-Ann Reid I can find, because she won't put up with the bullshit they try to sling at her, but really, I'm kind of sick of lies and insanity packaged as news/infotainment. My point is that outside of their audience, cable news isn't getting through to that much of the electorate.
The other thing from this podcast I want to comment on is Hillary Clinton. I don't know what most people believe the president actually does, but from what I can tell, she seems to be better at doing those things than anyone else around right now, with the possible exception of Barack Obama. Thank you for coming out and saying as much, as I am really getting tired of all the "we must settle for her" talk I've been hearing.
We, like it or not, do have our own information bubble. I just like to think that more of the stuff in ours is real.

-Doug in Oakland

chautauqua said...

Teutonic shift? Hmmm.