Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yesterday They Were Just Two German Clerks 

 Today they're the "Honored Dead".

-- Rick Blaine, Casablanca

This morning on the Comcastrati Network, respected Conservative thinker and Wrongest Man in America, Bill Kristol, rhapsodized with respected Conservative broadcaster and Very Big Liar, Joe Scarborough, about the Good Old Days when the Breitbart's Mausoleum For The Chronically Unemployable (h/t Charlie Pierce) was a trusted and legitimate news outlet.

Y'know, before they were overrun with haters and morons like this shitbag:

From Politico:
Kristol wryly suggests new name for Breitbart News

By NICK GASS 08/17/16 08:15 AM EDT

"Right Wing Intolerant Mean-Spirited News" does not quite roll off the tongue like Breitbart News. But that's what Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol would have the conservative organization, whose top executive temporarily stepped down Wednesday to lead Donald Trump's campaign, renamed.
During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Kristol lamented that the conservative news organization has become something other than what its late founder Andrew Breitbart intended.

"I knew Andrew well, and he was a troublemaker. But he was a good-hearted person who would not have—I mean, I hate the fact that that it’s called Breitbart News," Kristol remarked...

"It's unfortunate that we're all sitting around talking about Breitbart. It's a disservice to Andrew's memory," Kristol said, while remarking that the website, under Bannon, has been "pretty successful" from "a business point of view."

But, Kristol added, "someone should go look at all the things they've said."...
Here's the video (h/t Crooks & Liars):

I'm going to have to sit with this remark by Bill Kristol -- "someone should go look at all the things they've said" -- for a long time.  

At least until my uncontrollable crazylaugh stops.

Because if the Dirty Liberal blogosphere could be said to have served one, overarching mission since the beginning of recorded blogger history, it has been to jump up and down, waving our arms, saying "Fuck!", and trying mightily and ineffectually to get members of the Beltway media to just please for fuck's sake "go look at all the things" -- the terrible, horrible, no-good, lying things -- their colleagues get away with saying every single fucking day.  (See also: Every damn thing I have ever written.)

Corollarily, if the entire Beltway media establishment could be said to obey one, all-encompassing commandment with Borg-like single-mindedness, it is to make absolutely god damn sure that no one within the Beltway media ever, ever, ever starts tugging on the "someone should go look at all the things they've said" thread.

Because the Beltway media is a confederacy of con men -- a sodality of hacks -- each dependent on all the others not to bring up the fact that this is all a puppet show being run for the profit of corporate interests at the expense of our democracy.  And if anyone with any real clout and access to a really substantial audience ever started to actually "look at all the things they've said" (See, "The Beltway Iron Rule of David Brooks") the unstoppable cataract of recriminations and mass firings that would soon follow -- starting with parasites like Bill Kristol and Joe Scarborough -- would wipe them all out.

Which is why there is safeguard after safeguard in place to make sure that never happens.

On the video you can see every single person on this panel working in frantic unison to separate themselves and their party and the Fake Tea Party the invented to get their off their party off the hook for the being hateful morons who spent eight years cheering for Bush...

...from "Trumpism", which they all swear on the lives of their children was invented out of whole cloth at the Breitbart website in 2010.

No Joe.  It's not "Trumpism".  It's good, old-fashioned, filthy, hateful, fact-averse "Republicanism" from crotch to crown.  And you damn well know it, because you and all of your depraved pals have damn well prospered by it for 20 years.  


Unknown said...

The situation is starting to gel.

It is turning into a multi-layered blame game. Trump will blame the GOP, the GOP will blame Trump. All will blame the media - even fox, which is progress of a sort.

And then let the forgetting begin!

keith gargus said...

See, there is a lesson here, Driftglass. If, instead of "jumping up and down, waving our arms, saying 'fuck!'", you simply got shit-faced and screamed "stop raping people" at peaceable protesters, your name would be in lights.

RUKidding said...

You may have seen this, but it's a good catalog of Breitbart and his perverted freak underlings and those that continued Breitbart's scurrilous (to be kind) "work:"

"I knew Andrew well, and he was a troublemaker. But he was a good-hearted person who would not have—I mean, I hate the fact that that it’s called Breitbart News," Kristol remarked...
100% dead wrong 100% of the time Bill Kristol can go eat a bag of salted dicks. First he inflicts Tundra Trash on us, and now he praises scum-dog Breitbart as "big hearted"? My ass.

When Breitbart came to a well-deserved end at age 43, a lot of shitheads ran around white-washing what this louse did and represented. A lot of stuff Breitbart wrote was "white-outed" to make his "words" look good. Breitbart was a scum-sucking bottom dwellers' whore-monger.

Those that have carried on afterwards under his name are no worse than Breitbart ever was. They truck in criminal actions, threaten innocent people, make up terrible stuff to "get" people with... and the sad thing is that they essentially get away with it even when they're busted.

And yes: Breitbart and his lousy minions totally exemplify everything - all of it - that is today's GOP ethos and raison d'etre. Trump happens to be in the catbird seat, but Trump truly is no worse than the rest of the GOP. Trump very capably represents exactly who and what the GOP is and has been for at least the past 30+ years.

Hiring Bannon from Breitbart to run his stupid campaign actually makes sense, imo. Let the scum sucking bottom dwellers all dance together in all their filth and muck. They deserve each other.


bluicebank said...

"I hate the fact that that it’s called Breitbart News." -- Bill Kristol

You have a point. Needs a modifier. "Dead Breitbart News."

Jimbo said...

C'mon RUKidding, tell us what you really think. LULZ. I have nothing to add to this great rant.

Dave McCarthy said...

Because the Beltway media is a confederacy of con men -- a sodality of hacks

boy howdy it is!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

" Breitbart was a scum-sucking bottom dwellers' whore-monger."

You use your mouth prettier than a two-dollar whore....

John Hall said...

"I hate the fact that it's called Breitbart News." I do also, because bullshit shouldn't be called news.

dinthebeast said...

"someone should go look at all the things they've said"
That was the approach Joy Reid just took with some Trumpster or other on Chris Hayes' show where she was sitting in. He tried to defend Bannon as a not extreme right but anti establishment sort of guy and she put up a little assortment of crazy headlines from Breitbart news and asked him to explain them. I'd link to the video, but MSNBC isn't letting me for some reason or other.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

MSNBC Joy in for Chris, I caught it. Joy has pop in her bat. Asks who does Trump bring to his support with these new hacks? As well, Charlie Sykes making his round of remorse for being a right wing hate monger for the conservative ideology. He must be vying for a new job because he has complained his listeners on the radio now mistrust him for telling them "facts".
Another fantastic decision for Trump;

Already has silverfish, Rats, Mice, Vultures, Gophers, fleas, Ticks, Louse, Lice, Lousy Lice, Termites and what does Trump do. He brings in a bag of Cockroaches to the mix.

What is needed is a experienced licensed pest controller.

If there is one thing I discovered this election season. It is I need to apply for Medical Cannabis. Probably shouldn't have stopped. I think I want to view at least some of this Trump campaign through the glossy eyes of a smiling laughing face with the munchies.

Habitat Vic said...

RUKidding, I defer to your righteous rant and say a hearty "Amen!"

But...I have to pile on the Bannon/Breitbart train wreck, just a little. Watching former Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro on the TeeVee yesterday was delicious schadenfreude. After sobbing about being fired by that mean ol' Bannon (Shapiro stood up for the female staffer who Lewandowski pushed around early this year), the seasoned industry-savvy 32 year old wrote this: "Andrew (Breitbart) built his life and his career on one mission: fight the bullies. But Andrew’s life mission has been betrayed."

Too funny, standing up to bullies! I remember seeing Breitbart at anti-Walker rallies back in 2011. Him and about 50 conservative yahoos off in a corner surrounded by about 30,000 progressives. Red in the face, shouting all sorts of RW gibberish (I specifically remember "Stop raping America!" over and over). The epitome of a bully and, yes, looking like he was headed to a heart attack or stroking out right then and there.

Davis Statton said...

James O'Keefe was his protege. "Nuff said.

Robt said...

Tipping the hat to RUKidding (above)

Breitbart was not "news". Tabloid, right wing ideological propaganda institute, front for lobbying money, hired shill of lunacy for profit. Breitbart resembles FOX more than most will take time to compare.
Part of the R-wing echo chamber.
Breitbart, Like FOX, like Alex Jones, Beck, Slushbo, and all the republican brotherhood including Bill Kristol have never been news. The right continues to snivel that the media is biased. Biased for questioning waterboarding is torture? Trump's latest and most creative original economic plan is the failed trickle down. Which before was called "Horse and Sparrow".

"Breaking news, damn liberal Congressman caught sending pictures of his junk".

Of course there is no bias of the Breitbart's of the world when it came to Denny hastert's little boy sexual endeavors.

Breitbart hemorrhoidal tabloids of the world are misdirections and diversions of what Americans, especially Trump beloved supporters desperately require. But are forever distracted like a dog with ADD that sees a squirrel running in the background of a rabbit it was coming up on.

"I knew Andrew well, and he was a troublemaker. But he was a good-hearted person who would not have—I mean, I hate the fact that that it’s called Breitbart News," Kristol remarked...
Try saying that same thing meaningful for Scalia, Cheney Newt, et al. Let alone the Breitbart's of the world that have done nothing positive in the world before he departed it.
And who pray tell Will speak Kristol's words of Breitbart in his Kristols absence?

Come on, I knew Hitler and he was a trouble maker for sure, but he had such a beautiful strong desire to make the trains to the death camps run on time.

---------Time for a Colorado brownie and a glass of milk.

headlinewiz said...

And Adolf could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! Two coats! Let's see Bannon top that!