Monday, August 01, 2016

John McCain's Stale Wreath of Words

Former supermaverick and professional George W. Bush armpit stain, John McCain, is quite willing to sprinkle as many noble words as you would like in the path of the oncoming Trump shitnado (from Slate) --
McCain Denounces Trump’s Attack on Veteran’s Family but Doesn’t Rescind Endorsement
-- just as long as he doesn't have to get off his ass and actually do anything about it.


RUKidding said...

Trump said he didn't like people who were "captured."

Hate to say it, but McCain appears to have been "captured" by more than the Viet Cong. Maybe he got a little too cozy in the Hanoi Hilton; suffers from some sort of PTSD Stockholm syndrone; and is only comfie if he's being sh*t on by someone more powerful who's bullying him. Not really snark. Pretty sad.

Mark Dobrowolski said...

2008 lived in AZ for 8 yrs. Hmm, McCain or the black guy, easy choice, I'd rather waste my vote than elect McCain ( & this was before Palin). I have often been disappointed by Obama, but the choice I was presented with prevents changing my choice.

Robt said...

Duh, sure I do not really think Trump meant to dishonor a dead veteran. Nor disparage and slime his surviving father and mother. From the position of a vietnam draft deferment war hero status that Trump resides.

You know, I don't necessarily agree with Hitler's dehumanizing of Jews and jew sympathizers. But I support and endorse Hitler to gain the power to exterminate them. Once he gains that power I am enabling him to possess.

.........I think I need to do what is best for the Donald and vote for Hillary.

As Donald says he would be better off and happier in his private life than president.
that he doesn't need the grief.......
----I want nothing but happiness for the Donald.
Because, my heart is just that way.
We all need to vote in the Donald's best interet.....Don't you think?

Robt said...

". I have often been disappointed by Obama, but the choice I was presented with prevents changing my choice."

It is disheartening to hear so many disparage the President when he can sign a bill into law or veto it.

I never really hear the House of Reps or the Senate being held accountable like folks hold the president accountable.

You know, I got a flat tire the other day and immediately said, "thanks Obama".

Then Paul Ryan and the Tea Party showed up to help with Mitch McConnell who showed up in a catering truck with free drinks. And Obama was no where to be seen.