Monday, August 01, 2016

Donald Trump Is Eight Lines Of Code

IF he is rambling on about some positive trait. THEN he is always the biggest and best at it.

IF he is rambling on about some negative trait. THEN the worst example in history = +Opponent.

IF today's opinion polls show the American public to be against a thing, THEN he was against it first.

IF today's opinion polls show the American public to be in favor of a thing, THEN he was in favor of it first.

THE SYSTEM = that which is always rigged against him.

THE MEDIA = that which always lies about him.

"Many smart people have told me" + (The Breitbart Shithouse + The Stupidest Man on the Internet + Stormfront) = Today's Truth.

** Note: ERROR HANDLING and APOLOGIZING subroutines have been permanently disabled.**


Paul Wartenberg said...

It would explain his Y2K faults

RUKidding said...

Hasn't this been the rightwing/GOP playbook Code for the past 30+ years? It's just that Trump is somewhat more extremist in his actions and he shouts with his inside voice, rather the more "acceptable" outside voice - which is now deemed too "politically correct" and hurts the fee-fees of white supremacists/nationalists.

swkellogg said...

It's a conservative bubble sort!

keith gargus said...

Perfect, Driftglass.

Nangleator said...

As I posted on C&L, my take is a little different:

He's the evil version of Chauncey Gardner... Mentally unable to function as a normal person, locked into greater and greater lies, unable to apologize or admit ignorance or inability...

And his adoring fans are loving every last symptom of his mental disability, and reading into it great wisdom that doesn't exist, at all.

Fritz Strand said...

I prefer the 'Republican loop' you showed us to code a few years ago:

Lie. Distract. Forget. Repeat.