Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Don the Con Talks To America's Kids About Workplace Penis Etiquette

Today's Lesson for the Ladies:  If you want to avoid workplace sexual harassment, all you have to do is make sure your billionaire daddy owns the business.

Failing that, just quit!

From the New York Times:
Ivanka Trump Stays Mostly Mum on Being Dragged Into Debate on Sexual Harassment

Mr. Trump, who has himself faced strong criticism for his remarks about women — including derogatory and sexually charged comments about their bodies — said it was “sad” that former Fox News employees were “complaining” about being sexually harassed, and he appeared to question the truthfulness of their accusations.

When the columnist, Kirsten Powers, asked what would happen if Ivanka Trump faced similar treatment, he replied, “I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case.”

As criticism rolled in, Eric Trump attempted to defend his father’s comments in an interview on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday, saying, “I think what he’s saying is, Ivanka is a strong, powerful woman; she wouldn’t allow herself to be” subjected to such behavior.

“And, by the way,” he added, “you should take it up with human resources, and I think she would as a strong person.”

The comments spurred a swift backlash, with women’s advocates and others saying the suggestion that a woman who is being harassed — even one from a wealthy family and one who is a businesswoman in her own right — should leave her job was tone-deaf, misguided and unrealistic.

Many also said that holding up Ms. Trump as a paragon of how powerful women can stave off harassment by simply being, well, powerful implied that other women allowed themselves to victimized.


John Waldron said...

The question to ask, well actually two questions to ask: first, would Trump support his daughter or daughters if they filed a sexual harassment law suit against an employer; and second, would he support his son or sons if they faced sexual harassment in their employment.

RUKidding said...

I feel sorry for Ivanka. I wonder if she can "quit" her incestuous, creepy father and apply for a new one. shudder.

Of course Trump would say this and defend his BFF Jabba the Ailes.

This is the GOP/Libertarian Playbook 101: every man, woman and child for themselves. Pull your own damn sorry ass up by your bootstraps. If you don't like something, then you, alone, "fix" it; I you, alone, can't fix it, then you're a lousy worthless lazy stupid jerk who doesn't deserve the good life. No man can ever, under any circumstances, harass/overpower/abuse a woman unless the woman actually wants/invites/permits it.

There should never ever be any laws or regulations because Mr. Market will miraculously take care of every and any issue or problem. Ergo, if some woman believes she's being harassed, it's most likely her own damn fault. If she's not strong enough to "do something" about it, too bad for being such a weak, lazy, lousy loser. She got what she deserved! Plus she secretly liked it.