Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Another Rock-Ribbed Republican Bails on the Party of Bigots and Morons

CNN put it a little more gingerly:
First on CNN: Top Jeb Bush adviser leaves GOP, will vote for Clinton if Florida close
But of course, as has been true for at least the last 20 years, any deviation from the Party line (as defined by what Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh decide the Pargty line is on any given day) is cause for the immediate unpersoning of the offender and death-from-above from the Pretty Hate Machine.

And so it will surprise no one that, over at from Donald J. Trump's #1 source for bile and innuendo, the Wingnut Derpstoss is in full swing:
All About Amnesty: Jeb! Adviser, RNC Autopsy Co-Author Sally Bradshaw Quits GOP Over Donald Trump, Will Vote Hillary Clinton

It’s worth noting that Bradshaw, despite her claims to be a conservative, has been a longtime promoter of amnesty for illegal aliens. She, along with Henry Barbour of Mississippi, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, as well as Zori Fonalledas and Glenn McCall, wrote the RNC autopsy report which specifically called for the Republican Party to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

That means that the election in November is a clear choice between supporting executive amnesty and opposing it. And that’s ultimately why Bradshaw, who has in her decade-plus of helping the Bushes, especially Jeb Bush in pushing for amnesty, is going so hard against the Republican Party in favor of the Democratic nominee Clinton.
Out here in the peanut gallery, I can too you that we pariah Liberals are having a fine old time watching the giant wingnut siege cannons which the GOP helped to install in order to Destroy!Destroy!Destroy! us being swung around and brought to bear on those who footed the bill for the cannon's milling, construction and ordnance.

At this point, saying "We told you so" for the one millionth time seems in bad taste.

On the other hand...

...since according to everything I remember from the Bush years, y'all believe we're all insolent, America-hating, terrorist-loving, Commie-symp, surrender monkeys anyway, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of downside to mentioning once again that you fuckers built this beast.  Built it on-purpose and at great expense and then happily turned it loose to kick the shit out of the poor, the young, the aged, the infirm, the outsider, the working class, the defenseless and, yes, Dirty Hippies like me.  So believe me when I tell you, now that your built-to-spec monster has gone Westworld on your ass, it is my sincerest hope that it rips your tiny, tiny Conservative hearts out and stomps them to fucking aspic before it finally self-destructs and collapses under the weight of its own stupid.  

After which, once again, the young, the aged, the infirm, the outsider, the defenseless and, yes, Dirty Hippies like me will be stuck cleaning up the mess you made.

Update:  Brother Charlie Pierce is on the job:
Isn't Bradshaw just the special-est special snowflake? (Notice how she got a jab in there about how terrible it is that 20 million people have healthcare now than had it in 2008, the last time a member of the Bush family held high political office?) Let's take a look at Bradshaw's resume.

She began working for the Bush family during Poppy's 1988 campaign, when the late king of the ratfckers Lee Atwater was running a racialized campaign against Michael Dukakis, aiming to "take the bark off him," as Atwater said he would. Willie Horton was not too much for Sally Bradshaw. She worked for Jebbie in two campaigns in Florida, and went 1-1 on the scoreboard. She stuck with the Bush family through the two elections that produced C-Plus Augustus. The Swift Boat liars and the Purple Heart Band-Aids were not enough for Sally Bradshaw.


RUKidding said...

Ah yes. Let the long knives come out to go after Bradshaw, who now has never ever ever ever had any Real Conservative (tm) bona fides anyway, so there! pffft.

Same ole, diff'rent day. W was too liberal, so is Bradshaw.

If what passes for "conservative" these days means you have to be an fearful, seethingly angry, bullying, unrepentent nasty dumbass xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, racist, bigoted, hateful white supremacist/nationalist, well boy howdy count me out.

I get the feeling that if - shudder - Trump somehow won (please NO), his mouth-breathing base would, in the end, turn against him claiming that he, Trump, is too too LIEbrul for them.

IOW, these maroons live in a fantasy land created by RushBilloSean, etc, that's totally unhinged from any sort of reality. The things that they SHOULD be concerned with, like jobs and the economy, etc, do not really matter to them. It's all about being able to shit on some "other," whilst building up vast armories of weapons in their trailers. Go figure.

dinthebeast said...

I'd say like rats from a sinking ship but I don't want to disparage rats. And I really don't like those little fuckers.

-Doug in Oakland

duquesnepdx said...

Only the pure will be left to rule! The weak leave and the strong remain!

I'm wondering if the last three Real Conservatives(TM) will shoot each other with revolvers, like the Duke would, or with assault rifles, as good conservatives should.

Davis Statton said...

You can be in favor of tax cuts & limited government, but you're not a true conservative if you're not willing to stomp on helpless, struggling, and frightened immigrants.

Knight of Nothing said...

Having a hard time dancing on anyone's grave. Trump seems more likely to lose after the conventions, and especially after the last three days, but he also has a floor of, what, 35-40%? Ridiculously high. Shockingly high. Like, still-a-huge-threat-to-our-country high.

Being a part of Trump's coalition should not be socially acceptable; it should forever confine you to being a pariah living in the shadows. So, for me, however compromised these Republicans are, anyone who decides to remove themselves from that 35-40% gets a small measure of appreciation for helping to bring about a reformation of societal and democratic norms. But just a small one.

Jimbo said...

Shouldn't it be Hailey Barbour not Henry? And, no, not feeling any symp for Ms. Bradshaw, downstairs maid in the House of Bush.

trgahan said...

The funny thing about Breitbart's un-personing of Ms. Bradshaw focusing on amnesty...

Do these idiots really think the current Republican candidate, who's entire business/industry is run on abuse of guest worker visas and exploitation of legal and illegal immigrants, is really going to deliver anything on immigration that isn't continuation of the status quo?

Or, is the "anti-amnesty" crowd really just yearning to return to the days of Saturday nights driving through minority neighborhoods beating anyone who dared look at them sideways like my elders regale me about?

Paul Wartenberg said...

We also have a Congressman Hanna from New York coming out saying he will vote for Hillary as Trump is a bridge too far.

Before we award this guy a Purple Heart (unlike Trump who never earned one), just note that Hanna is NOT UP FOR RE-ELECTION and so is retiring by running from the battlefield before he gets fragged by his own troops.

We have to wait for an actual Republican elected official facing a re-election challenge openly denouncing Trump before we find any profile in courage among the GOP ranks.

bluicebank said...

Bradshaw's doing it wrong. Needs to take cues from that captured Nazi in Saving Private Ryan:

"Betty Boop, what a dish! Betty Gable, nice gams...'I say can you see, I say can you see, I say' ... Fuck Hitler ...FUCK HITLER!"

dinthebeast said...

Jimbo: No, Haley was the governor, Henry was on the autopsy commission. They are apparently a powerful political family. And apparently Trump can't keep them straight either:


Or was that what you were saying and I didn't get the joke?

-Doug in Oakland