Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Donald Trump Literally Cannot Stop Ripping People Off And Lying About It

From Mashable:
Queen says Trump's use of 'We Are the Champions' was 'against our wishes'

Thief, liar, con man, braying racist.

And the Pig People love him for it.


bowtiejack said...

Roy Cohn's proudest pupil!
Although when closeted Roy turned out to be dying of AIDS, it became "Roy Who"?
Which in turn caused Roy to observe that "Donald pisses ice water". Good times!

I live in NY City and I would be willing to bet that the Daily News has already mocked up a post-election front page with a 96-point headline reading "LOSER!"

Unknown said...

Another fine work of political art.

Why don't you become an art director somewhere, or become rich and famous like Shepherd Ferry?

Jeff Olson said...

I love that they use the anthem sung and written by the non-American, non-Christian and certainly non-hetero artist - in all their ignorance - just like when they play it at the high school basketball games of Sisterfuck Holler. And in my secret heart of hearts, I would love to see Doctor and Dean Brian May take them to English court. They take intellectual property seriously there.

glen copeland sr said...

I just cannot wrap my head around these asshat politicians REPEATEDLY using music they do NOT have permission for!!! Are they that imbecilic?! And Drumph using Queen of all groups!! They probably couldn't find a recording of "Me, Myself & I".

Grung_e_Gene said...

Withoutripping off music, Republicans would only be able to play Pat Boone or Lee Greenwood.