Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: Ron Fournier, The Sad Clown of Centrism

While at Netroots Nation five days ago (but it feels like 70) I was informed by a Notable Media Person that the reason you see so many liars and idiots and moon-faced frauds on the political teevee is that -- sorry, Liberals! -- "producers" don't really give a shit about truth or facts, but will book the hell out of people who are "quotable", even if they show up smirking, covered in blood with a dying kitten clamped in their reptile jaws.

Quotability baby!  That's the fucking ticket to the promised land!

Which is why the phenomenon of Ron Fournier is so mysterious.*

See, Ron is the perfect polar opposite of quotable.  In fact, Ron has perfected the art of being professionally forgettable because Ron is so perfectly predictable.  In the face of whatever specific Republican calamity or atrocity might be making headline on any given day,  Ron will plant himself like a mighty oak on whatever show that books him and repeat exactly the same, banal, mendacious claptrap in exactly the same room-temperature-tapioca tone of voice every single fucking time.

Year after year, on any show and on any subject, "Both Sides Do It" is literally Ron Fournier only line --
-- which makes me think that, just maybe, the Notable Media Person was being less that completely honest about how and why certain liars and idiots and moon-faced frauds keep getting booked on the political teevee over and over and over again.

*Fair enough.


trgahan said...

Regardless of Fournier....that is a massively weak response by the Notable Media Person.

The Notable Media Person saying it's all about being quotable is like a newspaper editor, whose paper runs Ann Coulter et al. columns, telling room full of liberals that they need to be less strident in their writing if they want allowed into print journalism.

In other words, the Notable Media Person/producer know there is a right kind of quotable and a wrong kind. If he/she puts a quotable liberal on TV...they will find their desk packed for them after the show has finished taping.

Donald Walsh said...

As I see it there are three kinds of quotable:
1) celebrities, who can read the phone book on camera and end up on the 6:00 news
2) people saying pithy, memorable things, which is what you're thinking of, and
3) bland soulless creatures like Fournier who give quotes which Fox, right wing radio and others can use as thoughts from "experts" (their listeners wouldn't know the difference) from which to start their rants.
Quotability, you see, begs the question--quotable by whom? Rest assured, DG, you say pithy, memorable things. But producers of talk shows don't have paying customers lining up for your content. Because those paying customers are 100% Wall Street-Owned national news providers with a viewpoint to sell, and no interest in spending a dime on spreading our message.

bowtiejack said...

". . . repeat exactly the same, banal, mendacious claptrap in exactly the same room-temperature-tapioca tone of voice every single fucking time."

OMG! It's like a Mike Pence interview (actually a Mike Pence interview is even worse - hard to believe I know).
I have to go outside now and check on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They seem to be running late.

dinthebeast said...

Do you suppose that N.M.P. got permission from King Crimson to use their album cover on his Twitter page?

-Doug in Oakland

John Taylor said...

The Democrats don't have to engage in hyperbole to go after Trump. All they have to do is play his quotes again and again. His ignorance, bigotry and misogyny speaks volumes.

Mike said...

You should really remove the Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier reference. The Fourniers lost their father to this disease recently, and it was a very difficult process.

Unknown said...

^^ Seems you're right. I'm the originator of the nickname but was unaware of that personal history. I'll retire my use of it.

Unknown said...

Had a brief twitter exchange with your NMF and I was unimpressed, and am unimpressed every day by his thinking. Strikes me as a bare cut above Mike Allen. His premise, besides being refuted by Fournier, is bullshit anyway as there are DOZENS of liberals, yourself included, everyone who gets on the Steph Miller show, Bob and Chez, Fugelsang, who could outquote Fournier and 99% of the bland hacks who pass for the articulate ``quotable'' right.

Unknown said...

Should have been NMP. I lodged it in my brain as Notable Media Figure.

Robt said...

It is not just Ron folks.

I got an email that told me that Michelle Obama plagiarized Saul Alinsky.

Obama plagiarized Deval Patrick
(so on)

But can't admit Malania's Plagiarized speech. Nor answer; if true. Why did Malania copy Michelle and Alinsky?

jim said...

In Fournieria, Clinton has already been tried & found guilty by the American public.
Of precisely what is mysteriously unmentioned.

RX: Put the bag down & back away from the bong, Ron.