Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Dial "M" For "Media" Edition.

After Chuck Todd proved that he could "Um" and "Uh" like a pro while Donald J. Trump used his face for an ice skating rink --

CHUCK TODD:  What would you say to that?

CHUCK TODD:  Do you think it was a little dark?

CHUCK TODD:  What makes it optimistic in your view?

CHUCK TODD:  Right, I understand that. But explain the consequences--

CHUCK TODD:  What would it be?

CHUCK TODD:  What kind of tax are you thinking?

CHUCK TODD:  You know the concern on some of this--

CHUCK TODD:  Now you--

CHUCK TODD:  Economic--

CHUCK TODD:  So what you're saying is all this stuff is good for America, even if it's not good for Europe?

CHUCK TODD:  Should it be interpreted--

CHUCK TODD:  Well I was just going to say--

CHUCK TODD:  I was just going to ask that. Will this limit --

CHUCK TODD:  New York Times--
And after Chuck Todd was literally reduced to playing Jackie Rogers Jr.'s $100,000 Jackpot Wad (Special Wingnut Edition) with the Yam in the High Castle because "we had a limited amount of time" --
CHUCK TODD:  I'm just going to literally throw out a name and you'll know the question I'm asking. Bernie Sanders...
This caught my eye:
CHUCK TODD:    Welcome back, panelists here. Before we jump to Trump, the DNC email leaks ... I'm in one of the emails just-- I'm the complaint department here sometimes at NBC. Somebody was complaining about coverage. And I said, "Okay, let's talk on the phone," or whatever. But we didn't do anything about it, because I get complaints about coverage every hour, every day.
First, I had to dry my tears for poor Chuck Todd, what with getting complaints "every hour, every day." about how much he sucks at his job.  And while I'd be willing to bet that 70% of those complaints come from Trumpshirts who want to bitch about how Hugh Hewitt and Joe Scarborough and Ann Coulter don't get enough face time and how the Librul Media Conspiracy won't give Alec Jones and Mark Levin their own show...that doesn't mean Chuck Todd doesn't suck at his job.

Because  Chuck Todd really does suck at his job.

And second... hold the horses, Hoss!  You mean there exists a class of American citizens out there, somewhere, who can raise a ruckus about how much Chuck Todd sucks at his job and his response is, "Okay, let's talk on the phone."?

Man, I want to hear more about that story!

But sadly, no, because we're all out of time!

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trgahan said...

Unfortunately, if Chuck sucked at the actual job the NBC suits specifically hired him to do, he'd been fired a long time ago.

The actual job he was actually hired for he is doing quite well and will likely be getting quite the bonus this Christmas. The media business is very efficient when it comes managing employees not doing the job the people who sign the paychecks want done.