Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ron Fournier: Paid Haver-of-Opinions

Today, Ron Fournier, Haver-of-Opinions, is of the opinion that:
Hillary Has No One to Blame but Herself
Also that:
If Donald Trump becomes president, the world will have Hillary Clinton to blame.
See, in the Fournier imagination, if Hillary Clinton had only acted differently regarding her state department emails, she would that would have ended all controversy, shut down the GOP's Pretty Hate Machine, and would be winning the race for president at a walk.

"Emails" was the only arrow in the wingnut quiver (so Mr. Fournier''s theory goes) and if she had only blunted it using the Winning Strategy that Ron Fournier told her to follow (bare her soul to the media and demanding that a "ruthlessly independent"  Ken Starr-type investigator be appointed to run barefoot through everything she had ever committed email), well then the Republican party would have given up and wandered off into the wilderness never to be heard from again.

The fact that this thesis is completely contradicted by every single scrap of data regarding the operation and purpose of the GOP's Pretty Hate Machine for the last 30 years does not inform Mr. Fournier's thinking in the slightest.  The fact that Kevin McCarthy, onetime heir to the Orange Throne, confessed proudly and publicly that the Clinton Bengahaazi Witchhunts that spawned the the Clinton Email Witchhunt was itself cooked up for the expressed purpose of dragging down Hillary Clinton's poll numbers --

-- also does does not move Mr. Fournier in the slightest.

Because like so many of his Beltway colleagues, while Mr. Founier continues to tart himself up and pass himself off as a journalist, Mr. Founier is not paid to deal in facts, but is paid to deal opinions from the bottom of the stacked Beltway deck.

Men like Ron Fournier have made a mockery of the honorable profession of journalism.  For sordid wages, men like Ron Fournier have betrayed and hobbled our free press -- that vital and fragile institution that is the difference between a contentious, informed electorate selecting a public servant to do a job...and a mob of bigots and idiots anointing a tyrant to save them from the monster under the bed.

And if Donald Trump becomes president, the world will have men like Ron Founrier to blame.


dinthebeast said...

Perhaps the Fournier Gangrene has gotten to his other head...

-Doug in Oakland

Jimbo said...

Saw this disgusting Fournier post elsewhere and I thought that this is way beyond even fake concern trolling; this setting a narrative that is exactly the narrative the RNC wants established (Trump's narrative is totally Crazy so doesn't apply here). So Fournier establishes himself not only as a bothsiderist idiot but also as a fake naivete about how the GOP works. Fournier is a pumped up cable news minor player who has a narrative and he's sticking to it. He's not an actual journalist.

John Taylor said...

No, the media are to blame for Trump even being close. They are treating him as a worthy presidential candidate. Not the fascist, bigoted, misogynistic creep which he surely is.

Robt said...

You are right about Fournier fornicating the news.

I am sure he was very consistent over the 9/11 attack. Oh yeah, that happened during Obama's reign.

Maybe Ron Fournier provided this same staunch journalistic viewpoint when Bush and Cheney had to hold hands to testify for the 9/11 Commission?

I am sure Ton F. had strong advice for Condi Rice when she was asked a preliminary question of, "are you aware of the President daily Briefing titled, "Osama Bin Laden determined to strike within the United States"?
What Ron Fournier and most of the media will not or cannot do for American viewers looking for factual news, is report on the fundamental hunting of political opponents. Abusing the powers granted to them.
They do not report on the irresponsible crazed incompetence they repeatedly display.

Fast and furious, Christmas Card Gate, dictator president who signs less executive orders than his republican predecessor. You think Ron F. could make it through a recapping report of Judith Miller's role in the Cheney leaks?
How did Ron F. really feel when a jury found Scooter Libby guilty? Did they think it was a partisan warlock hunt by the Dems?
I would truly like to ask Ron Fournier if he could give a full report on Bush Administration's choice from Regent University Christian law school appointed White House law staffer who, when testifying stated she "cold not answer questions because she took an oath to the president".
(Not an oath to the Constitution)..
If only Ron was able to play both siderisms for both political sides instead of using it as an excuse for failure when republicans miserably fail and continue to hammer on the nuclear warhead to get some sort of result.

keith gargus said...

It is not really both siderism is it? It takes so much bullshit to try to balance the scales, that they have no time for even a nod in the direction of gooper malfeasance.

An aside. I looked up 'bag of salted donkey dicks'. Sure enough, Ron's picture was there.