Friday, July 08, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #344

"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy."
--  W.B. Yeats, writer


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Habitat Vic said...

Did I miss your explanation of this podcast's title? Is it from the punctuation book "Eats, Shoots & Leaves?" I quickly retrieved my physical copy of it (on the reference shelf with dead-tree editions of The Chicago Manual of Style, Roget's Thesaurus, etc) and desperately tried to come up with a clever retort that would impress an erudite scribe such as yourself.

Sadly, my background is engineering rather than writing, so I have nothing to offer other than a (small) PayPal contribution and best wishes.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Yes, yes it is. :D

Miskatonic said...

As far as I can tell, Mark Levin is the human version of the cartoon version of Edward G. Robinson. The Bugs Bunny cartoon version in which all he really ever says is "Myeah, myeah, sheeh, sheeh, sheeh, myeah, myeah...

banker puppy said...

As regards the outrage Gretchen Carlson expresses that you believe she should ditch, it's all part of the lawsuit process. I'm sure she and her attorney have scripted exactly how Carlson should behave in public in order to increase the odds of a favorable outcome. If you want the media and public (and the potential jury pool) to sympathize with you in a case where you can collect for emotional distraught, how you express yourself emotionally in public is actually pretty important.

As evidence of its effectiveness, Ailes' attorney has filed to have the case settled via secret binding arbitration rather than in a public court. Team Carlson has already called BS on that one. Score one for Carlson's side, as the very issue of secret-vs-public will now be quite public.

trgahan said...

Regarding Police shootings:

A few months back, in my largely U.S.-born Hispanic, U.S.-born and Immigrant Polynesian, and Sudan refugee neighborhood a police car drive by with all the windows rolled down blasting Sean Hannity.

At the stop light I heard Hannity reciting the conservative Profession of Faith:

Things are scarce,
Only Real Americans deserve them,
But our country is filled with the undeserving,
The underserving want to take what Real American's deserve,
Liberals want to help take what Real Americans deserve and give to the undeserving.
For this is the reason Real Americans have problems at all,
and why America is faltering from our glorious past,
Only Real Americans asserting their right to what they deserve can save our people, our country, our world.

My thought at the time was: How can someone fairly and justly enforce the law, regardless of their training, when THIS is a foundational principle to their socio-political outlook? Especially when your beat is among who Hannity is referring to as the underserving.

Robt said...

rgahan said...
That hannity said,
"Only Real Americans asserting their right to what they deserve can save our people, our country, our world".

Hannity and his ilk only serve certain people. Those people are not the ones that listen to him.

Engaging in the Hannity conspiracy, He is not a REAL AMERICAN to me as a veteran who fought for his country. While SEany found the slimiest work he could with his education.
Who decides who is "real" American?
This is plagiarized propaganda which has and still is used in religious realms.
When you have a self proclaimed Christian take his gun to planned Parenthood and kill people for Jesus.
Well, He isn't a "TRUE" Christian.
The entire time of Christian rising under Jimmy Swaggart. He was a Christian.
But when caught is a sex act, well, he wasn't a "True" or "REal" Christian.

Got it?
Sort of like, RINO and DINO... Good Angels and Bad Angels...

Fritz Strand said...

Thanks for reminding us you were the originator of the 'cinder blocks on the freeway' phrase. Nailed it.