Thursday, July 14, 2016

6th Circle of Hell Thought-Leader Calls Out 9th Circle of Hell Thought-Leaders

As you probably already know, Ms. Jennifer Rubin (one of the many neocon throw-pillows with which Fred Hiatt decorates the op-ed page of the Washington Post) has recently been stunned to discover that her Republican party is full of... Republicans!

Shitty, shitty Republicans.
Neither Pence nor Gingrich is going to help Trump
Trump, then, has the opportunity to demonstrate his judgment is just as horrible as his critics say by picking Gingrich. He alternatively can pick someone, who by many voters’ reckoning, would be far superior to him for the presidential slot. He could always pick someone else entirely (the compliant New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie). But let’s remember: This is akin to picking the pattern for the drapes on the Titanic. No VP pick can compensate for Trump’s glaring weaknesses.
Heartbreaking, I know.

But now that she has gotten over her initial shock, J-Rub has a plan.  She and a handful of noble Conservative Never Trump thought leaders will wait out the end of the world and then, after the smoke clears and the dust settles and the cliches are boxed back up again, will emerge from their hideaway and take over the world:
It is nevertheless telling that the most impressive Republicans and military vets whose names have been bandied about want no part of the Trump circus. They are smart enough to know that the ticket in all likelihood will lose and that the association with Trump will be a career-ender. It will be conservatives who declined to run or even endorse Trump who will gain the admiration of their fellow Republicans and keep their political futures alive.
Which, now that I think about it, sounds remarkably like this guy's plan for "Helter Skelter":
One hundred forty-four thousand would be the membership of the Family when, in Helter Skelter's aftermath, it would emerge from "the bottomless pit" to rule. "It would be our world then. There would be no one else, except for us and the black servants."


D. said...

...and anyway, that guy Paul von Hindenburg will keep Trump in check.

Oh, wait.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

"J-Rub", nice. I predict that will be repeated.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

VP candidates...

I hear Luke Russert's got some free time.


Or if we're plotting what do do after the expected Trumpocalypse, surely there's a Mad Max villain we can look to.

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

Whom ever Trump choses for VP. It will be the greatest, best, most stupendous, smartest genius, Patriotic, winningest, spectacular, triumphant, awesomest, incredibly popular, highly attractive, whiter than white, best experienced, that has the best polling, who knows everything about everything, who excels at tremendous hateful agendas and can perfectly denigrate the American people, with the most incredible asset of all. Being chosen for VP by Trump.

I am not sure there is any one VP choice that that would buffer, mansplain, enhance, reassure a semblance of stability (and much much more), for the ticket of this circus event.
Be Trump's own view. He only hires the best. Which he concedes is himself. Therefore he should pick himself if it is allowable.
The only other choice in Trump's view could be the VP is within his bloodline.
One of his sons? malania? After all, he is the best and he chose the best to be his family. They are superior. Otherwise Donald would have fired his family by now and hired another family.
It would be the best most spectacular winningest stupendous vo choice.
A father and son ticket...........
Tiger blood-winning and 4,784 degrees right of Kevin Bacon.

trgahan said...

"....the most impressive Republicans and military vets whose names have been bandied about want no part of the Trump circus."

Good to see the Republican primary, with its 16 DOA candidates and Trump getting the MOST VOTES EVER has been successfully shoved down the memory hole and Trump is the candidate from no where that no one wanted.

To top it off, J-Rub et al. know there is a Steiner Regiment of Reagans and Eisenhowers ready to emerge once Trump lets go of their party.....because that is what GOP voter wants right? Not a Trump v2.0 (Now saying racial slurs on TV) in 2020?

RUKidding said...

The more J-Rub & her ilk & all the rest of the Never Trumpers look down their snobby white noses at & scramble to distance themselves from crude Trump & his racist sexist Xenophobic base, the more likely it is that they'll learn nothing from this. Once Clinton wins, they'll all be back in the saddle attacking her worse than Obama 24/7/365.

And then we'll witness another Trump-like take over of the GOP in 2020. The party of "personal responsibility " never ever takes responsibility for their crap, as is proven by the bs scrawlings of J- Rub & her ilk.

Mark Dobrowolski said...

That would Task Force Steiner which is made up of survivors of 20 different Republican Campaigns

DeboT said...

Pence is just so damn white. He makes Trump look even more orange. Sigh.

dinthebeast said...

Now they're all saying it's gonna be Pense, I mean Penis, damn it, Pence...

-Doug in Oakland

Mike Herron said...

So basically The GOP will have an Ooompa Loompa and an Albino as their candidates... It's looking more and more like Barnum and Bailey freakshow every day...