Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Greatest Concern Troll Headline Of 2016

From the Washington Post:
House Democrats need to remember causing chaos isn’t a wise course

By Newt Gingrich June 28 at 1:47 PM


dinthebeast said...

They do remember! And guess where they learned that in the first place?

-Doug in Oakland

D. said...

"Pond Scum Insulted by Being Likened to Republicans."

Film at 11.

keith gargus said...

Jayzus, what big balls on that tiny newt.

Dave McCarthy said...

From YOU, dad!

I learned it from YOU!

Paul Wartenberg said...

This is like having a syphilitic defrocked obese bishop sitting atop a pile of gold and bloodied corpses telling us we shouldn't indulge in the seven deadly sins.

RUKidding said...

Says the Master of Chaos creation in Congress in order to deflect attention from the chaos + sheer utter uselessness of the GOP.

Fritz Strand said...

The worst part of the Gingrich's history is how much of it is hidden behind the wonk curtain. He did more to destroy the day to day functioning of the House by forcing it to be ever more dependent on lobbyist for information by slashing money for in house research, to give just one example.

Robt said...

Everytime I see or hear the Newter, it comes to mind t that it is well past time to specifically point and blame and hold accountable the House and Senate critters.

One of Newters legacies is the GOP controlled Congress can do nothing and cause harm or hunt democrats on the tax payers for bad things and dump it on the Democratic President.

It seems to have inoculated GOP majorities of any, any wrong doings or Snidely Whiplash adventures.
Everything is the democratic president's fault when their is a majority GOP congress.

Name me one time the GOP pointed to any of GW Adm failures? Yeah.

Americans do not get real news information on Congress as so desperately needed to make informed voting decisions. Somehow, that needs to change. But that change must come from us voters.

JHB said...

Ahh, the lying hypocritical Republican Speaker from the 90's who WASN'T convicted of child molesting.