Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Since Sunday was a travel day (In three days, we partially traversed five states getting there and five states getting back, and I still managed to talk to dozens more ordinary Americans than David Brooks has in the last decade) I was spared the horrors of watching the entire Beltway media join hands and jump off the White Cliffs of Both Siderism.

Wheeee!  We're flyyyyying!

However, thanks to the magic of "radio" I was able to listen to a significant fraction of the Mouse Circus and I can say with some authority that the only person anywhere who suggested that --
  1. Maybe the problem with our country is not caused by Both Sides but by the Republican party,
  2. Maybe the reason the Republican party is so fucked up is because its full of Republicans and, 
  3. The media's obsession with horse race coverage is deeply warping the way they talk about the 2016 presidential freak show
-- was Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC.

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that media's wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away,


Jim from MN said...

Donald Trump is that 20-ft long piece of toilet paper stuck to George Will's shoe. They deserve each others' Republican misery.

Robt said...

The diagnosis of the media's illness is well documented with repeated blood tests and urine samples which have been retaken and re-reanalyzed. concluding the same analysis.
Yet the patient continues to refuse treatment. It is a contagious disease and Congress continues to block the CDC form performing it;s inherent task of preventing contagious illness from spreading.

Media counselling scenario (imagined).

With the GOP's automatic obstructionism of every thing President Obama.

What if,
President Kenyan usurper Muslim President Obama was to make a press conference. Where he declares support for Candidate "Trump". Let it cross the country's corporate media for appx. 2 days. FOX's Chris Wallace interviews the President on this. The White House is inundated with the White House Press Corps questions. Questions like, does Obama feel Trump is qualified? And the responses can be, "NO". or Donald would be terrible for the nation. Not changing any opposition to Trump. Yet getting the swarming media to report and air all this.
Just for 2 damn days.

When the 2 days are up and the media have all committed themselves in to the insane asylum.
The President calls for a White House press statement and declares, "syke". Just kidding.........
What would republicans do during these 2 days of blood lust? The president they hate and must obstruct. The president they have to automatically be against, even if they were for it up until that point.
How would they be able to support Trump then (for those 2 days)????????

Yeah, imagination gone wild..............

dinthebeast said...

So why doesn't Joy Reid have a website on MSNBC so I can watch her program like I watch Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow? Oh yeah, I forgot for a minute.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

Brooks doesn't have to talk to ordinary Americans. His audience is a few dozen conservative millionaires and billionaires who are paying for someone to tell them they are moral, good people and most definitely NOT responsible.

If Brooks were to actually spend significant time in non-gated portions of the U.S. hinterland I think he'd find out something more disturbing than that the Republican Party is full of Republicans or meet liberals uppity enough to ask him questions.

He would learn that outside those few dozen paying clients and media producers that need someone who can do a TV/Radio appearance without swallowing their tongue, hinterland conservatives, the few that even know who he is, don't need/want/or like him.

He probably already knows this, that is why he chooses his forays so carefully when he does do them. But the Beltway Media likes to think they are the smart ones and their work is significant. Leaving the Beltway proves that both thought are false.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Robt, if this President played that sort of game, he would long since have come out opposed to sitting in a closed garage with your engine running, or at least opposed to it for long enough to thin the herd and raise America's average IQ.

Robt said...

I am all for raising IQ's. As with other good endeavors, it is how to get there.

For reality now, I am pacified with Sen Elizabeth Warren causing Trump to scratch his own character as if he had a serious case of poison Ivy on a hot sweltering humid day.

Must admit,
My imagined scenario played out would be high entertainment at the GOP's expense and is better than a news cycle of Trump telling us, "How he awoke first thing and had Brexit before a game of golf".