Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Solving That Catch-Up Problem

Once again let me state for the record that I am delighted whenever one of America's professional, respectable news/teevee/movie review johnnies catches up with where Liberals have been for decades:
America Has a Republican Problem — and the Media Is Partly to Blame

Donald Trump is a distraction from the fact that the mainstream media has pretended the GOP is a normal party with values just to the right. Now the country is paying the price.

BY NEAL GABLER | JUNE 22, 2016...
Let me also state -- once again and for the record -- that the pariah-hood that went along with being right about such things back when it was virtual career suicide to say such things out loud was not so delightful.

Honestly, I would gladly doff my pseudonymous colors tomorrow if I thought there was a chance of doing what I do here under a byline and at a living wage.


trgahan said...

Indeed. Media people like Mr. Gabler would not have been allowed to say these things if an Inside Voice Republican were about to be nominated. This is how the conservative oligarchy, that never needs a specific electoral win; they won the electoral process decades ago, ratfucks guys like Trump who think they can appropriate the rubes whenever without asking permission.

Rest assured, the consequences of such articles will be re-instated on third Tuesday of November and the penalties will double each month in the run up to the 2018 midterms.

RUKidding said...

Gabler's telling a version of truth now because the wealthy and well connected are not amused by Trump horning in on their private personal grift. Once Herr Trump is dealt a nasty electoral blow (I'd lay odds that the GOP will ensure that he doesn't win), all bets will be off on any truthiness emerging from the Acela Bubble pundits. They'll be back on the beat with their Both Siderims, but the Left is always always way worser!!1!

Unknown said...

"Now the MSM routinely rebuke Trump, but that easy critique allows them not to have to rebuke the Republican Party itself."

Exactly this. I think the media has even coalesced around this as the new way to cover the campaign, whether on purpose or not. Sure, they'll be happy to conjure up a horse race between Orange Short Fingers and Hillary if possible, but they know it might be hard this time.

So they're actually scrutinizing Trump in a way that they tend not to do with "respectable" Republicans. Partly, it's because Trump is such an easy target and there's so much out there, a Google search away, to humiliate him with. But I think they're setting things up so that the media and the Republican Party can immediately turn the page after the election and say "that Trump guy was a bizarre fluke. Glad that unpleasantness is over" and go back to the Both Siderist scam they've spent decades perpetrating on the viewing public.

So they'll immediately forget Paul Ryan's pathetic and spineless kinda-sorta-endorsement, wherein he made it abundantly fucking clear that all he really needs in a Republican president is a functional hand that can sign his dystopian Ayn Randian budget atrocities. Or Marco Rubio's "this guy is a total wackjob but sure I'll vote for him" inanity. I could go on.

It will all be swept under the rug, as GOP atrocities always are. And the GOP will be allowed to get right back to committing soft treason against the overwhelmingly elected Democratic president the moment she attempts to govern. Because that's just "Washington is broken" business as usual for lollygaggers like Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier.

Fuck all these people. For a brief period, I had a glimmer of hope that the appalling reality of primary victories of the obviously-batshit Short-Fingered Vulgarian and even-more-demented Tailgunner Ted would, at long long long long long fucking last, force the GOP to actually consider reforming itself for the better.

But no. They'll just write Trump off as freak accident rather than acknowledge him to be the logical conclusion of decades of the GOP feeding its base nonstop hate and resentment while thinking they could dupe their rubes indefinitely without the bill coming due. Trump is the political version of the inmates storming the warden's office. But that story will be buried the moment he loses.