Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rubio vs Rubio

And then came inevitable betrayal of the only "principle" he had left:

Time cannot wither him
Nor conscience stale
His infinite ambition


Habitat Vic said...

With all due respect to the Bard, an apology is in order (if not to him, then to the Ghost of Cleopatra) with that analogy. Cleopatra may have been only slightly above average in the beauty department, but history indicates that she had boundless amounts of ambition AND political cunning.

Lil' Marco? Lots of ambition, but the political cunning? Not so much.

Robt said...

The conservative soul of Marco aching to conserve for the people and paid for by the people.

What will be his campaign battle cry?

Maybe, government is bad and as long as I am in government (if elected) I swear on a Cuban cigar that I will not show up to perform the peoples work. Except to pick up a paycheck. To vote on an issue a big donor contributed to me for.To fund raise for myself and my family. maybe to make a speech to reinforce my robotic expertise.

The real question is,
The Florida voters. Do they want more of that? So they can blame those LIBRULS.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Sing it with me!

♪ I grew so rich that I soon was sent
By a pocket-borough into Parliament
I always voted at my party's call
And I never thought of thinking for myself at all!
(No, he never thought of thinking for himself at all!) ♪

keith gargus said...

Remembering his last 'rally' in Florida, he has a long row to hoe. The dimmest Florida Man might not be into him anymore.

Habitat Vic said...

Keith: Yeah, I forgot about that. About 250 people show up in one corner of an end zone. In a stadium that holds 5,000. In his home state. In his home district (from when he was a state rep). Ouch. Really bad optics.

Robt said...

For all of you schmucks.

Please donate to Roborubio@Gofundyourself.

Kevin Wood said...

i think Marco "thirsty" Rubio is right: he will be a private citizen come january.