Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Return To Lethe Beach

Lethe Beach

The one, great virtue of Candidate Trump is his utility as the most efficient Liberal labor-saving device since George "Segregation Now" Wallace.

Unless we want to for sporting purposes, we dirty hippies no longer have to waste our precious time debunking the vast shitpile of the Right's racist, crackpot nonsense one lie at a time...only to have the meathead scampering back to their local Wingnut Bullshit distillery for a fresh batch of stupid every time their current batch of stupid blows up in their faces.

It's not that they're going to change, because it was never about them changing.  Because they are incapable of changing.

Instead, we can  finally can admit to ourselves that the fault was never in our principles or our powers of persuasion,  but in our opponents. Now that Trump has shown anyone who is not utterly brain-dead or sold-out that the Republican base is nothing but a midden pile of unsalvageable ideological trash, every time the Centrists regroup, it is now within our power to point at Il Douche and say "We fucking told you so" and watch them scuttle away.

The Centrists have always been the real threat anyway -- the "archenemy" villain behind the wingnut's "soldier" villain (from Unbreakable):
Mrs. Price: Mm-hmm. That's what I said to my son. But he says there's always two kinds; there's the soldier villain — who fights the hero with his hands; and then there's the real threat — the brilliant and evil archenemy — who fights the hero with his mind.
Without their Centrist enablers, the Right will collapse.  And without their "Both Sides Do It" narrative, the Centrist have no power.

But it is up to us.  To you and me.

This time, when the Right breaks for the exits and tries to disappear once again behind another Koch Brother's funded rebranding scam, they need to find the doors locked,  This time, when the Beltway media tries to slip away from the scene of their crimes back into their comfy Both Siderist patter, they and their employers need to be buried under letters and tweets and emails and a cataract of spilled coffee and dropped plates everywhere they eat.

This time, as all America's domestic enemies conspire to bury the Trump Incident year under the mighty waters of Lethe, it will be up to us -- America's loud and disreputable dirty hippies -- to hold back the flood.


rodandchance said...

When we talk about "Trump" we good need to preface that name with "REPUBLICAN TRUMP'. The right wing uses phrases against Democratic policies consistently, Newt Gingrich gave them a list of words to use in describing democrats & the rest of us good guys.
We must repeat the words 'REPUBLICAN TRUMP' over and over again into the vast group of people that pay little attention to politics. Lets help to make them realize that the problems are not just one man but all of the odious Republicans, otherwise the Tea Baggers will be turned into another group of Republicans with a different 'patriotic' name and the media will, once again, fall for the con.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

@ ridandchance: That is an excellent suggestion. I shall endeavorer to implement it at every turn. I will suggest it to my FB friends, though low in number (compare to some) thay are a rabble rousing bunch. You are right: Put a label on him and make it stick.