Friday, June 10, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #340

"The secret to keeping moving is keeping moving.”
-- Dick Van Dyke



MedicineMan55 said...

Yes, there is an emotional connection. I listen to you and Driftglass every week, Bluegal, and I think "maybe I'm not taking crazy pills". I give when I can.

-Medicine Man

Robt said...

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the "They Live" promo.

If it was only simple like in the movie. Where they produce a sunglass prescription that allows you to see clearly that which is disguised.

So we have no choice than to aspire, persevere for the betterment of mankind.

RUKidding said...

Nice show. Thanks. I liked it all but Bluegals analysis of the NYC socialite scene - and how Trump is now super toxic in that milieu - was insightful. Hadn't connected those dots before. Don't have a tv, so I don't watch any of that crap. So good to know.

Vinay Edwin said...

So glad that I stumbled upon your comments over at CP's shebeen and now I'm a faithful listener and just became a monthly supporter of the podcast! It's not much but I'm happy to pitch in. Keep up the great work!

Perhaps my cynicism has become too well cultivated but I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason for the gigantic dump that has been taken on the economic destiny of so many Americans over the past 30-40 years isn't only because republicans overwhelmingly support policies designed to produce economic serfdom but also because an overwhelming proportion of democrats agree that these are the right and true ways to distribute resources in our country.

I think there is an unspoken political consensus among the ranks from which our political elite are drawn which I think is far more useful in understanding Obama's refusal to prosecute Wall Street bandits or HRC's love of every and any trade agreement than simply blaming republican intransigence.

dinthebeast said...

Maybe it might help to try to let those having a difficult time "pivoting" know that we all need them for more than just their vote. They are not crazy, and they are political, and that makes them valuable beyond measure, all things considered.

-Doug in Oakland