Friday, June 03, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #339

"You undergo too strict a paradox,
Striving to make an ugly deed look fair.”
-- William Shakespeare, writer, Timon of Athens, Act 3, Scene 5 


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I think I preferred "fish hunt"

steeve said...

Love your plan for the republican party - "the only way you can survive is to cast off 60% of your votes!"

The only thing the "sane" republicans have to do is join the democrats and wait for the Sanders-Warren wing to split off. If they can't manage to do that simple thing, they're as insane as the others.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

About your profanity scaring off advertisers, here's your response:

"We are the 'Deadpool' of political podcasts"...

Be seeing you.

John Taylor said...

The scary thing is that nothing Trump does seems to matter. His followers know he's a liar, is ignorant and completely unqualified. They don't care. He's their candidate and they'll follow him no matter what.

dinthebeast said...

When I heard you in the podcast repeat the bit you've been saying for a long time about how easily programmable the Republican base is, I remembered an eery video of Trump trying to respond to the blunt force trauma that was Hillary's San Diego speech by calling her "lyin' Hillary" then going on to say "We don't say that about Ted Cruz any more, we love Ted..." and in the back of my mind I was hearing "We've always been at war with East Asia" only uglier and more stupid.

-Doug in Oakland