Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Party Of Benghazi Show-Trials Says What?

Party of endless, meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare says what?

Nothing -- nothing -- is going to get fixed in this country until the GOP is razed to its foundations. Taken down, root and branch.

Brother Charles Pierce explains what is really at stake here:
But at the heart of these actions is more than a protest against inaction on the issue of guns. It's a protest against inaction, period, against the repulsive and cowardly vandalism-by-inaction that has been the hallmark of the Congress almost from the second the president's hand came off the Bible in 2009. Politicians should vote and then explain their reasons why to the people that elect them. The government should function. Period. That's an issue worth fighting over.


dinthebeast said...

Function? That sounds almost like work or something...

-Doug in Oakland

Green Eagle said...

Well, it is a publicity stunt. But, what has the entire behavior of Congressional Republicans been for the last eight years?

Robt said...

So republicans are tough guys.
Why don't they take the dare and have a vote?

Don't the GOP want to show off their schweaty balls?

They can make a big ceremony out of it and tell brave stories to one another of how they rode with general Custer and fended off those bad guys with bows and arrows of mass destruction.

I would think they would jump at the dare/ chance to get their wayne LaPierre on.

Frank McCormick said...

My running comment: projection, projection, projection!

RUKidding said...

Like, duh. Yes, Paul Ryan, it is a publicity stunt. What's your point? The Democratic reps are trying to highlight exactly how poorly YOU and your "comrades" are running the House... as in: not doing anything worthwhile for US citizens.

Whatsamatta? Scared that citizens might agree with the dreaded D party instead of your do-nothing parasites?