Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lord Polldemort

He who must not be named when Quinnipiac calls

From Vanity Fair:

Even Trump’s supporters don’t want to admit they like Trump.

JUNE 17, 2016 4:35 PM

For many Democrats, the only interaction they have with actual Donald Trump supporters is via Facebook, where their long-lost middle school acquaintance cannot stop posting Breitbart articles about Hillary Clinton’s manifold lies. Several recent polls would back this observation as well: surveys show as few as a third of Americans actually back Trump. But the presumptive G.O.P. has a theory as to why the polls underestimate his true strength: his great “silent minority” is staying quiet, he suggested Thursday, out of embarrassment.

While polls show Clinton cruising toward a landslide, Trump has insisted that pollsters have it wrong and that everyone loves him—they just don’t want to admit it. “When I poll, I do fine, but when I run I do much better,” he said during a rally on Thursday. “In other words, people say I’m not going to say who I’m voting for, don’t be embarrassed, I’m not going to say who I’m voting for and then they get it and I do much better, it’s like an amazing effect.”
As of this writing, chief Trump surrogate Bellatrix Lestrange was not available for comment:


Dave McCarthy said...

godDAMN! Kudos!

proverbialleadballoon said...

"Trump: Don't be embarrassed", he's found his campaign button slogan.

This was _supposed_ to be an election that would be close enough for republicans to steal. 8 years of a democrat, time for a republican, that kind of conventional wisdom bullshit. Thanks to jah, as it stands mid-June, which is a long ways away but not all that long either, the presumptive republican candidate barely has a mathematical chance.

He was given the opportunity to come off as presidential, and he had his window in the month between Cruz dropping and Clinton clinching. The polls conspired (I don't know if you follow the polls, but a week or so of polls showing 'the race tightening up' post-Cruz dropping, capped by Fox and Rasmussen dropping two polls on the same day which were Trump +6 or whatever, which took a 3 or 4 point Clinton lead to Trump slightly ahead in like 2 other words, bogus), and the media was all set for keeping this thing close.

Then he stepped in the shit when he called the judge a Mexican, and proceeded to go ahead and rub the shit in his hair like driftglass likes to say with his completely inappropriate-toned response to the nightclub shooting.

In the seemingly _more probable_ universe where Jeb Bush or Cruz is the republican nominee, this would be an election where the media could conspire to keep it close enough for the republicans to steal.

They are testing up at Fermilab to see if the universe is a two-dimensional hologram of three-dimensions. I wouldn't be surprised sometimes, if it was.

dinthebeast said...

Molly Ivins said that a politician can trip over his dick, but shouldn't just stand there and stomp on it over and over...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Polls sholes.

Donald will hire the best people! They will be beautiful, the best and do the best . You Americans will get tired of having the best people hired by him.

Like hiring the best polsters? Hiring the best bankruptcy lawyers? The best Supremacists?

As Trump tells the GOP leaders, "be quiet". He will do it alone and do great.

Now his embarrassed voter base are being muted?
Trump can say, "I will embarrass you so great that you will be so greatly embarrassed to speak to pollsters asking polling questions.

I guess this included David Duke and his "achen", organization. Who had stated that Trump convinced them not to get disappointed as Trump is going to have to say some non racists things to get elected. How they understand if he relies on the Dog Whistle instead of openly committed blatant racism.

If that is Trump;s definition of "embarrassed" ,
It has to leave the Embarrassed Trumpers wanting .

Aching for the day they too can blather hot racist hate speech and such in open accepted displays.
Yearning for their ugly to be so accepted that it justifies their hate and soothes their inner conscience from inferiority.

He will make embarrassment Great again! I could only hope.............

may he use himself as the starting point.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a sec. Isn't the same Donald Trump who brags constantly about how amazingly wonderful his poll numbers are?

steeve said...

If there's one thing conservatives are known for, it's for being afraid to proudly state their beliefs. /s

With the republican party dying all around them, each conservative thinks that loudly braying conservatism in public counts as patriotic heroism. They're louder now than they've ever been, like a cornered animal.

Lawrence said...

Candidate postulates the reverse Bradley Effect to explain his bad poll numbers. This is Persistence Of Memory level surreal. In fact, since 9/11 and the Iraq war kickoff I have lost count of all that I would have never believed possible had I not watched it happen.

Li'l Innocent said...

I don't know about that LeStrange woman. Got my doubts about her level of commitment to her employer. When finally reached, she said something along the lines of "Gweat big babyman had a dweam and got scared when he woke up and found it was WEAL!" (Hard to quote exactly, what with the panting and shrieks of waffter, I mean laughter.)

Bob Harrison said...

We should do nothing to disabuse the GOPers of their notions of being a big, silent, embarrassed majority. Let them crow and crackle and not arrange to buy votes and hire their suppression thugs and Diebold operatives and the things they normally do because It's Not Necessary--- We're Gonna Crush The Evil Liebrals And That Clinton, well, you know.

Lit3Bolt said...

Actually, driftglass, I heard Trump was being advised by a mysterious woman in red who has proclaimed him "Azor Ahai Reborn." And now they're looking for people of royal political blood to sacrifice to the flames and receive the blessings of R'hllor...

bluicebank said...

Way back, we Bernie supporters knew he was a better candidate against the Short Fingered Vulgarian. What we didn't know was this was a matter of degrees, not win-or-loss.

It now appears that Hillary Clinton will win by a large margin, because Trump has become a force unto and against himself, and he is taking the whole GOP house of cards with him. Would have Bernie done better? It's an academic question. At this point, I thing Sanders should cut the deal he has now, whatever that may be.

On the bright side, we all thought that Cleveland was going to be boring, after we thought it was going to be exciting. Only the bartenders know the inside track now.

Robt said...

Corporate media will do it's part to make this a close race.

For in the end, a close election equates to a divided electorate. Which results in a divided America.

It is a corporate profit bottom line for Americans to be divided. A divided America equates to a divided "weak" labor force.

If you have noticed, the corporate media is only reporting on the plasma bug fart attacks on Earth.
Even though it is suspected that some kind of SMART BUG is out there perhaps on planet GOP. We only get reports of attacks from the BUG world.

Is there a smart bug out there? Is this smart bug on planet GOP?

Want to learn more?
Then get away from the corporate media and find a reliable source and become a citizen.

John Taylor said...

If you support the orange clown, you have plenty to be embarrassed about.

John MacCuish said...

But if Trump supporters are such Shrinking Violets, why won't they shut up during Thanks Giving Dinner? Answer me that, Donald. Embarrassed, my ass!

Jimbo said...

GOP has known for some years now that they can only win nationally through massive vote-rigging and voter suppression but you can only do this by controlling the state house. So the emphasis has been on winning governorships, which has been greatly aided by non-voting Democrats. The population is so strongly divided politically that no matter how bad Trump is, the GOP will vote for him just to spite HRC. I predict a very narrow win for HRC but only if vote-rigging in the swing states (all but one controlled by the GOP) is prevented plus a massive GOTV effort by the Democrats. Even then it will be a nail-biter.