Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today In Republican Detachment Disorder: Michael Gerson

Former George W. Bush chief speechwriter, senior Republican policy adviser and reliable Beltway Republican stalactite, Michael Gerson, is truly, madly, deeply, concerned about the millions and millions and millions of bigots and imbeciles who apparently all suddenly and simultaneously precipitated out of thin air -- fully formed and raving mad -- and joined the Republican Party mere moments after Michael Gerson left.

What an amazing coincidence!

Mr. Gerson lays out a damning-but-not-nearly-damning-enough list of crackpot Conservative conspiracy theories which will be familiar to anyone with a Conservative family member or colleague who has figured out how to use The AOL, and which Donald J. Trump has been playing like the Pied Piper to lead the GOP to its doom.

There are conspiracies about immunization, Mexicans, those "really" responsible for 9/11, the "murder" of Antonin Scalia and so forth, but if you look closely, you will notice that the activation date of the various crackpot Conservative conspiracy theories Mr. Gerson cites --
Watching the excellent documentary “Ebola in America: Epidemic of Fear” is to relive the confusion and controversies of the summer of 2014: the initial public health mistakes, the divided and unclear responsibilities, the hysterical coverage on cable TV. But it is the political role played by Republicans and conservatives that stands out, and not in a good way.

At every stage, elements of the right made a reasonable, science-based response to Ebola more difficult. Against the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie quarantined a nurse returning from West Africa who had tested negative for the disease. Some conservative media outlets spread false information about the disease to exaggerate an impression of public health incompetence.

But it was Donald Trump who led the opposition...
-- all just so happen to be after the Bush Regime left office and scattered to the winds to join think tanks and America's Very Serious newspapers.

For example, there is no mention of Vince Foster or the Mena airport.  Not one word about those other group who leading Conservatives claimed were equally responsible for 9/11.  No mention of Terri Schiavo.  Nothing about Dubya hitting the Terrorism Alert Panic Button whenever his re-election numbers started to look shaky, or the millions of raving, unhinged words spilled by the Right calling Liberals idiots or dupes or terrorist-loving traitors for questioning the predicate and conduct of the Iraq War.

So when Mr. Gerson asks --
What kind of politics is ascendant in the United States?
-- I really don't think he wants the answer.

Because during Mr. Gerson's entire career as a speechwriter and senior Republican policy adviser, his Republican Party has been only too happy to openly traffic in this kind of hateful, often-racist trash and paranoid filth to keep the meathead base dumbed down, whipped up and pointed in the right direction during every election.

Mr. Gerson's Republican Party is a wicked thing which, like cholera, destroys everything it touches.

It has been deliberately sowing the wind for decades now.

So how fucking dare he start bitching now, at this late hour, as Trump's banners are flying and Trump's drums are beating, about the horrors of reaping the whirlwind.


Unknown said...

And no Republican Detachment piece is complete without a heaping spoonful of anti-Obama throat-clearing.

" the initial public health mistakes, the divided and unclear responsibilities,"

Mr. Gerson, can you show your work please?

Those "mistakes" and "divided and unclear responsibilities" were THEMSELVES a product of the Chicken Little cable news/GOP fearmongering narrative. How many goddamn Ebola cases did the United States have, again? Sorry Mr. Gerson, didn't catch that. How many? FOUR? And how many deaths resulted? Did you say ONE?

Yeah so all that shit about "public health mistakes" was smoke being blown up the cable media's ass by dipshits from YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Goddammit. I shouldn't let these Republican Detachment patients, Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier and the merry band of "Reformicon" frauds get under my skin so much with their "no really I hate Obama too! Please love me!" nonsense. But I just can't help it sometimes.

Robt said...

Gerson, writing a smoke screen in front of a mirror where he has no reflection.

The smoke is to prevent the rest of us (with a reflection) from seeing he and his cohorts do not have a reflection.

Gerson shovels the conservative manure of "good old days of tradition" the GOP continues to sell to the very paens he is astonish of their emergence. At least from the last election.
Where did they came from in 2012? 2008? The John Birch Society was a liberal mystical lie to thwart the GOPers in the white cowboy hats, he would ponder.

The conservative aim of returning to the good old days of America befuddles the curious instinct of the human mind.

The good old days when America was grand;
Think when you were a child and how much fun you had. How simple it was. Swimming in that lake with all those pollutants that gave you cancer only after the liberal EPA regulated it? As a kid, no problem but as you grew of age, it became complicated.

* the simple life when'
Taking cover under your school desk, to practice taking shelter from a nuclear strike.

* It was much easier to just go along with those Jim Crow laws as a white child. Who could threaten a black man for using a water fountain when you are 8 years old.

How long must some of us wait for others to evolve? How long will Gerson turn off the lights or redirect them that what he promotes for a good living is selling out the American way of life that he likes to assume he stands for.

I imagine he pays as little taxes he can to make everyone else pay taxes for the wars he drum beaten for and the wounded veterans or the dead whose families must somehow survive.
Gerson needs to get with Brooks and share a cab together that they may write in unison of the average guy cab driver who loves him some conservative time travel to the written about good old days that sparkle in the elderly's mind of the blissful childhood.

lostnacfgop said...

I keep hearing a clearly cultivated Texas drawl carping endlessly about "fuzzy math" . . . but at least the microphonies and harumphers have, if only for a time, turned their electronic and digital firehoses of hate and discontent on someone (something?) other than the scary Kenyan Usurper and Seekrit (beer swilling) Mooselim with the angry blah Christian Pastor and his FEMA re-education trailers which double as Firearm confiscatories . . .

RUKidding said...

Gerson: "Trump Train is fueled by conspiracy"

Ya don't say. I think that statement could be applied liberally (cough cough) to just about everything that comes out of the rightwing noise/print/whatever machine. And Gerson, you're one of the ones responsible for these very conspiracies, which are frauds.

But Gerson knows that. He's just gotten the memo from Fred Hiatt or similar to DO SOMETHING!!11!!

Just you wait 'n see. Gerson, Fred Hiatt, Jeff Bezos and all that ilk will bend their knees soon enough to kiss Trump's heiney, if they believe it will behove them to do so.

Should Trump lose, hopefully, all of these scum-sucking bottom-dwelling Acela bubble corridor spooge buckets will continue their both siderist - and really the left is the worst!!11!! - bullshit unabated. They don't want to learn. A tiger can't change her stripes after all.

Robt said...

So common that Gerson has no words for a conservative congress that refuses to provide hearings to a 27 year experienced federal judge who was nominated to the SCOTUS.

Is it because the GOP controlled Senate hate the president that much? Maybe they are afraid the SCOTUS will change and not perform the sole bidding of the conservatives and wealthy. Both?

How ever it is viewed, it is ugly and hateful.

Hunting democratic presidents is nothing new for the GOP. Especially when taxpayers flip the lawyer fees.
Any Idea where Gerson comes down on conservative ex speaker Denny Hastert? The GOP brags how he is the longest sitting speaker of the house in history. hastert may hold the record for paying hush money to the children he molested in history as well.

So where does Gerson think all that fowl hate comes from in his party?

Do they need to crucify another Jesus to relieve the pent up hate they seem to relish in. That Trump enables in these folks.
It doesn't surprise me at all that many Trump fans ignore and refuse his reality. As their Senator Larry Craig, hastert, Newt and 3 term GW bush and his Vader.

Can Gerson elaborate on why Trump could trash Bush and the Family for Iraq and the economic crash?? Not that it hasn't been said by others. How does the GOP and the media just move along without revisiting it ? Trump says the obvious of GW failures that we all know. He gets a GOP pass for his Reagan blasphemy?

But the Gersons of the GOP world, cannot address nor admit any failings as these. Not to support Trump is denying their true inner self.

Robt said...

This one is for you DG

What does it take to change the essence of a man? Think Trump.